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Richest Man Alive

Salt Lake City, United States

The One Tonic’s new release ‘Richest Man Alive’ touches upon feeling grateful for the small things in life we tend to glimpse over. It reminds the listener that happiness does not come from a vast amount of wealth or material things. Although the song touches upon their own experiences with grief, the core message of not knowing how lucky you are until you lose someone can easily be related to the listener.

The soundscape captures this effectively, initially, we are introduced to the distant sounds of children laughing, perhaps touching upon the innocence of youth and the importance of family to our happiness. The song is delivered in quite a funky, upbeat way, intertwining styles of alternative and rock through those bold and powerful vocals and underlying guitar chords and catchy beats.

The bridge section takes a more stripped-back approach with more attention drawn to the vocals, almost in an acapella style and then followed by a swift change back into that high energy.

The One Tonic have a great ability to ensure the listener is zoned in at certain moments, helping them take in the powerful message. Make sure you check out ‘Richest Man Alive’! - AIMEE STOKES

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