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Tidal Water Releases Raw and Energetic New Single "Imperfection"

Oslo-based rock band Tidal Water unveils "Imperfection," a punk rock anthem celebrating human flaws. The single is available now on all streaming platforms.


Norwegian rock band Tidal Water has just released their latest single, "Imperfection," on June 7, 2024. This powerful anthem is a taste of their upcoming album "Polarity" and dives deep into punk rock, celebrating human flaws and the beauty in chaos. With raw energy and attitude, "Imperfection" is perfect for playlists that crave intensity and rebellion.

About Tidal Water

Tidal Water is the brainchild of Martin Hovden, a passionate vocalist, songwriter, and producer from Oslo, Norway. Martin brings a unique blend of playful rock music to life, infusing his deep societal concerns and personal experiences into Tidal Water's music. The band's collaborative approach involves talented friends from Martin's musical journey, ensuring a rich and dynamic sound.

Collaborative Dynamics

Martin Hovden’s vision is supported by a skilled team where individual creativity thrives within a collaborative framework. Martin produced "Imperfection," while Leif Johansen focused on mixing and synchronisation. Txai Fernando enriches the quieter tracks on "Polarity" with his diverse cultural influences on keys and percussion, working mainly in co-production with Martin.

Musical Contributions

The melodic backbone of Tidal Water's forthcoming album "Polarity" is provided by Renato Anesi, Jims Lehner, Txai Fernando, and Markus Matland. Renato's expertise in Brazilian instrumental styles and Jims' sophisticated drumming enhance the harmonic elements, while Markus' and Txai's keyboard artistry adds depth and complexity. This team’s synergy is essential, as "Polarity" would lack its distinctive character and emotional impact without their contributions.

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Recording Venue

"Imperfection" was recorded at Lindaas Lyd's studio, Vaalerenga Platefabrikk. This outstanding facility supports Tidal Water's distinctive sound quality, with regular access thanks to the studio’s owner, Torstein Lindaas.

Upcoming Plans

The release of "Imperfection" sets the stage for Tidal Water’s upcoming performances and the highly anticipated debut album "Polarity," expected later this year. In response to radio demand, a radio edit of "Corrupted" is currently in the works. Details on tour dates and further releases will be announced on their website and social media platforms.


Tidal Water’s "Imperfection" is a testament to the band’s ability to blend fierce punk rock energy with deep, meaningful lyrics. This single, celebrating the beauty in human flaws, is set to resonate with fans and new listeners alike. Available now on all streaming platforms, "Imperfection" is a powerful addition to any playlist craving intensity and rebellion.



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