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Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Trauma connects us all. We all have our own blight, our own flavour of trauma that we keep apart from everyone else. But our simply having it, brings us closer to one another. TONYC has brought this concept to the foreground with their latest single, ‘Trauma’. The song features deep dark synths, bass that you feel in your core and rising-falling melodies that catch the ear and make you want to move. If trauma brings us together as one collective society, then TONYC’s ‘Trauma’ brings us together on the dance floor to let loose and be human.

The song is prefaced and peppered with clips of vocals speaking on the subject of trauma and group therapy. It is an apt topic nowadays, the strife that generations are feeling is bubbling up the societal ladder and impacting the world as we know it. It is something that we need to listen to and talk about, TONYC’s approach to this is to hit us with some astounding tunes. The bass is rich, the melody is captivating, simple and divine and the tone is gritty, it holds power within its dulcet dance-wave instrumental. The masterful blending of sounds, message and melodies should also be noted. Many, when writing a song, especially an instrumental, with a strong theme, lose the way of the melody. It is muddled and watered down. Not here, TONYC has preserved that initial musical spark throughout the track. You get the vibe, the message and the beat, perfect.


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