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Top 10 Acoustic, Indie Rock & Guitar Riffs - 03/06/2022

Updated: Jun 16, 2022



Rob Johnson Music - you will wonder

London, United Kingdom

Rob Johnson Music is a guitarist and musician from Salisbury, UK. His new single 'you will wonder' is taken from the forthcoming album 'hi' - which has been released Blossöm Records TODAY! 'you will wonder' got my full attention from the first second! It's an amazing piece of art that has all sorts of stories to be told in its manuscript. We hear several electronic synths throughout the track which enhance the wonderous nature of the piece but at the forefront of all is the beautiful acoustics given by the artist in the use of his acoustic guitar. This piece has a feel of Ed Sheeran's 'Bloodstream' about it but with the unique genius and reflective nature that this artist himself has to his artistry. I had to put this in at Number 1 this week along with adding it to the Tamara Jenna's Top Picks Spotify playlist.



Prints of Monaco - What You Left There

Brooklyn, United States

Prints of Monaco brings something acoustic in his latest release. 'What You Left There' opens with a beautiful mix of guitar plucks and strums to create something extremely personal in feel. I love the way that you can hear the naturalness of the artists' fingers as they hit the strings. It brings something raw to the piece. As the vocals introduce themselves they're layered like whispers that kiss your ears. The lyrics are reflective and offer something to think about. I love this piece. Click the link below to hear something gorgeous.



Alexander Joseph - Summertime Compass (Acoustic Version)

Ashby, United Kingdom

Alexander Joseph is back with his latest track - An Acoustic Version of 'Summertime Compass'. Originally being one of the first songs that he wrote during his university days over 15 years ago, this version maintains the relaxed and playful vibe of the original but brings an acoustic twist to the mix. The song delivers an optimistic message about the possibilities that lie ahead. This piece contains the classic Alexander Joseph vibe where he showcases his smooth vocals and impeccable guitar skills. Click the link below to hear it!



Said Sara - Sea

San Francisco, United States

'Sea' is the new single by San Francisco, California-based artist - Said Sara. This piece opens with high-energy guitar strums, a dominant drum kick, and the beauty of a harmonica. The vocals are very rock and roll. As the track develops an experimental feel makes its way into the use of instrumentation. It confused me as a listener but in an intriguing way. I love music that blends genres and sticks to the true nature of the artist. If you want something rock-based with hints of country and techno then this is your piece! Click the link below to hear something very unique!



Dr Mann - Ciggies

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Credit - Amie Victoria Photography

Dr Mann impressed us this week with 'Ciggies'. It is the first single which showcases a change in the direction of their artistry. Moving away from a psych country vibe to a more Indie dream psych vibe. The song features vocals from frontman Danny and also some French-accented vocals from Ines who also plays synth in the band. The band is currently working on the debut EP which will be ready in a couple of months. This is a taste of what is to come. I really enjoyed the feel of the track and look forward to hearing more from the band in the coming months! Definitely a track for daydreamers.



Sigmund Faust - March Sweet Blunder

Berlin, Germany

'March Sweet Blunder' by German artist Sigmund Faust is a piece that strums on strings, literally. It opens with high rock and roll energy! But that is not all, no. We hear an interesting breakdown in areas of the song that take the listener away from the hard rock element and more into a dream space, psychedelic realm before introducing indie rock vibes into the track too. This really intrigued me! It caught my attention and made sure that Sigmund Faust isn't a name that I forget easily. If this sounds like a vibe to you (which it is) then make sure that you hit that little box below.



Chris Considine - No Baggage

Lenox, United States

Chris Considine introduces his latest song entitled 'No Baggage'. This is a carefree, persona creating single with a lot of funky bass elements thrown in for good measure. Escapism is the key theme and leaving everything behind without a second thought is the driving force. I can envision this track making a perfect fit for a commercial advertisement. Its easygoing nature accompanied by the funky bass and vocal elements makes it easy to listen to and remember. Click the link below to hear 'No Baggage' and to show some love to Chris Considine.



Devon Turner - Mountains

Bridgewater, United States

Devon Turner sent us his track entitled 'Mountains' this week. The track also credits Sam Senzon, Tommy Cody, and William Newhart. Devon Turner told TJPL NEWS that there are loads of songs about how there "ain't no mountain high enough" but the philosophy behind this one was that they wanted to ask the question, "Is there a mountain high enough?"This track is full of hope in the feel of the instrumentation, the vocals, and everything else. I really enjoyed this one, it has a jolly vibe, and great instrumentation and has been put together in a way that works well to address the feelings of the lyrics. Click the link below to hear it!



Avresa - Leave It All

Sydney, Australia

Avresa sent us their latest track entitled ‘Leave It All’. This piece was partly inspired by the ‘Great Resignation’ but also extends this thinking into toxic relationships, friendships, and even expectations of yourself which might have been grinding you down. When talking about the inspiration behind the writing Avresa told us that "The track is about working up the courage to reinvent oneself at the expense of difficult and perhaps painful sacrifices." The piece opens with a wicked guitar riff and messy progressions that strip down and then lift again. This piece is full of guitar and drum energy in a burst of creativity. Click the link below to hear it!



Hyattsvillain - Liar

Washington, D.C, United States

Hyattsvillain send us their release entitled 'Liar' this week. This is a piece that is packed with heavy bass riffs, catchy lead guitar progressions, and an overall heavy piece of music that is guaranteed to excite a crowd! This is a fast, fun, and raucous song about humanity's propensity to lie. It's in the vein of The Hives, All Them Witches, and the Afghan Whigs. If you're looking for something heavy then this is the track for you so make sure that you don't miss out on the energy by clicking the link below!


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