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Charles Moret Unveils 'Dreammaker': A Sonic Journey Through Emotion and Experience

Charles Moret Promo Shot
Charles Moret
Los Angeles singer-songwriter Charles Moret releases his anticipated album 'Dreammaker', exploring deep emotional landscapes with his signature dream pop and indie melodies.

Charles Moret, a multi-talented artist from Los Angeles, has officially released his new album, "Dreammaker," on March 1, 2024. Known for his profound storytelling and captivating musical compositions, Moret's latest work is a deeply personal exploration of life's complex emotions, conveyed through eight meticulously crafted songs.

"Dreammaker" offers an entire experience, as Moret combines his backgrounds in music composition and piano with his broad artistic vision. Each track serves as a chapter in a larger narrative, enriched by lush soundscapes and intricate melodies. Accompanied by two visual pieces, the project provides a multimedia exploration of themes such as love, loss, and redemption.

Opening the eight track delight is the title track itself "Dreammaker". With a spoken word sentence of an introduction, listeners find themselves immediately in a state of reflection, ready for the show. The instrumentation is dreamy, full of bell synths and soft rock inspiration. The vocals are slightly burried in the piece but it adds to the overall momentum of the song as a whole.

"Blended Nights" continues to take listeners through their dreams with melodic bell synths. As layers enter the piece. It gets louder and heavier, taking listeners into a heavier rock wonderland in the chorus and stripped back down to soft pop rock in the verses. A nice transition from the opener offering listeners a taste of what the artistry of Charles Moret has to gift to the music world.

"Scissors" changes things up even more by bringing in the first sign of acoustic piano. Almost bordering on a ballad, this acoustic opening lets the tone and luyrical content shine through centrestage. This is a beautiful addition to the album, it's vulnerable both in its acoustic nature but also lyrically. "Scissors" brings in soft pecussion to carry and uplift the keys and vocals. It's a stunning addition to the album that I will return to again and again.

"Don't Blame Me (R7)" gives listeners an insight into the vocal range of Charles Moret.

Taking things higher and also deeper, there's a feel of dark pop here mixed with dreampop. Almost similar to the voice of Khalid with a touch of rock influence. "Don't Blame Me (R7)" is another stunning song from Charles Moret which shows listeners his versatility and appeal in the music world.

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"Still, I Need You" brings gorgeous basslines and dreamy soundscapes against a vocal performance that will have you dreaming for days. There's a grit and pain that comes out of this one which offers up an honest and vulnerable exploration of love.

"Stardust" takes listeners back into the land of dreamy bell synths and thoughts of the stars. Get lost in your thoughts and allow Charles Moret to guide you through. It's a rela xing song with subtle trickles of synths and vocal layers. What's refreshing to hear is the complete reliance on vocals and a backdrop of synths only. It offers something new. On paper, one would assume the presence of drums, but it does just fine without them. At around the three and a half minite mark, things seem to fade out but it isn't the end. The sound of footsteps add to the anticoation of the next chapter in a curious addition from the dreamy through to industrial soundtrack.

"Things You Wish" gives Harry Styles vibes instrumentally with a twist of jazz inspiration keys in places. The drumming works wonderfully as a backdrop, they carry you through and uplioft you into the full swing of the song. This is another standout piece from Charles Moret.

"Time and Time Again" brings experimentalism to the forefront of the production. Heavily based in pop but also offering a futuristic soundscape, one will find themselves on a trip through the realms of alt pop and soft rock all in one sweep. What a way to conclude the album.

With his first major release since "Don't Blame Me," which amassed impressive streaming numbers, Moret continues to establish himself as a unique voice in the indie and dream pop landscapes. His ability to weave complex emotions into his music makes "Dreammaker" a compelling listen for anyone who appreciates the power of storytelling through music.

Genres: Dream Pop, Indie Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Soundscapes, Alternative Pop

Mood: Epic, Nostalgic, Emotional, Evocative, Dreamy

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