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TOP 10 DANCE - 13/05/2022

Updated: May 27, 2022



MNX - Back 2 You

Tampa, United States

Credit - Laura Martinez - @lauramartinezcreative

MNX is a Florida based electronic music duo that started via zoom during the 2020 pandemic. Remixers turned full on artists, "Back 2 You" was vetted through a variety of revamped songs and listener preferences. This track gives clear vocals, great bass and progressive synths. A perfectly balanced house track that weaves the components perfectly. Number 1 in this week's Top 10 Dance hands down. The best house anthem I've heard in a whole while! Click the link below to start your Friday night in style!!



Suchii - Pit a Pat

Salt Lake City, United States

Credit - Rogeno Malone

Suchii sent across their debut track this week. This Post-Disco/Pop Track titled 'Pit a Pat' captures that feeling of ambivalence that we sometimes have around hating your ex but remembering all the good times. Opening with a funky bass and lead guitar we're set up for an absolute smash hit. As the verse starts we hear the stregnth of the bass alongside all sorts of talent in vocal performance. This is a really catchy track with catchy lyrics. Suchii's main specialisms lie in Pop, R&B, and Post-Disco. We can't wait to see where this artist goes! Get it on your dance playlists! NUMBER 2 THIS WEEK!



Ornoise - Navetteur

La Louvière, Belgium

Ornoise is a Belgian producer who has released his second EP entitled 'Anima' The EP was designed as an electronic journey that begins calmly in the morning with Anima and Night City lights. It then progresses into something more sustained with the tracks Suspension and Visions. To end with Navetteur who invites us on the dancefloor. Navetteur is more techno old school track and also with a cool video. We've selected the track 'Navetterur' from this EP to review this week. I love the opening to this track! It opens with a Eurostar announcement to get you ready to depart your journey through the track. An interesting techno track with a lot of companants and thoughts put into it!



AiViA - Have You Ever Really Lived

Gavle, Sweden

AiViA has been cultivating his innovative style of deep house infused pop since 2020, gaining a devoted following along the way. ‘Have You Ever Really Lived’ is an inspirational song, meant to light a fire in the listener’s heart and motivate them to live their best life. Packed with strong rhythms and poetic lyricism, it is a song that will resonate with listeners for sure. This track got us moving through its pounding melodies and basslines. We've ranked this at Number 4 in our Top 10 Dance this week so make sure that you check it out by clicking the link below.



Anita traci - Ease Your Mind

London, United Kingdom

Credit - poster my wall

Anita traci presented us with their latest release this week. Opening with futuristic synths and a slow bassline this track takes a quick turn into liquid DnB something I'm 100% here for! This is a track for your nighttime drives or slowdown sessions before bed. A hypnotic, clean mix that develops over a slow progression with a variety of vocal samples that make their way into the track at key stages. Securing the Number 5 slot this week is Anita traci with their latest release entitled 'Ease Your Mind'. Click the link below to hear it for yourselves.



DJ G-String - In the Mirror

Chicago, United States

DJ G-String's first EP called In the Mirror is a catalog of her top releases since 2020 but in trance form. She has always loved trance music and wanted to give her songs a flavor of that style. She is usually a vocal house producer but felt that the lyrics and emotions of her tracks could fit well within the trance world. If you're a fan of heavy nights out this is the ULTIMATE set of tracks to get you started. I would suggest that the artist tries sending this project to as many club DJs as you can globally, it would do really well! I caught up with DJ G- String to find out more about this project in an interview which can be found on our feature page. Make sure you check it out!



Caxiel - Out Of Time

Lima, Peru

Caxiel, an artist based in Lima, Peru has sent us his latest release entitled 'Out Of Time' to review this week. Caxiel is a musician/singer/Producer that studied his craft at Berklee college of music. As well as this he is a dancer who studied over at 1million dance studio in south Korea. Out Of Time by Caxiel is the ultimate 80s inspired pop track that is FULL of heavy electronic synths and bass. Caxiel has a unique vocal style, I would say that it's reminiscent of funk and 80s pop mixed with soul. It's really refreshing to hear something different and unique. If you're a fan of 80s pop then this is your anthem for sure! It reminds me of the songs that you hear on mainstream radio when out on a late night drive in the early hours of the morning.



Kepler North - Golden Hour

Dallas, TX, United States

Kepler North is a new electronica project by veteran video game sound designer, Joshua Davidson. Josh has released 4 tracks so far in 2022, receiving support from Hypemachine blogs like Stereofox, Beatradar, Indie Shuffle, and us over at TJPL NEWS too. Having listened to 'Golden Hour' we think that it is a great track for your Friday/Saturday/any time to party playlists. Make sure that you show some love by clicking the link below, get it onto your playlists and get dancing!



Ge & Luke - A New Sun Rising

Zurich, Switzeland

At Number 9 this week is Ge & Luke with their release entitled 'A New Sun Rising'. This is a dreamy, but uplifting EDM/Pop song, with a catchy drop and dreamy vocals from Xtina Louise. There are so many juxtaposed elements in this production from heavy guitar to EDM we get a real dreamy yet heavy rock vibe from this one. It's a chilled out track for your late nights. There are 4 versions of this song so click the link below to hear this one and chose your favorite out of the bunch!



Monroe & Moralezz - Happy Days

Bregenz, Austria

Monroe & Moralezz come in this week to take a spot in our Top 10. 'Happy Days' has that classic fun and funky sound that gets you nodding for real. Some real sey guitar and bass in this one, NO slaphouse, NO EDM, NO techno, only smart pop music with funky sound that gets you moving! Make sure that you click the link below to get it onto your playlist if you're into fun pop music that doesn't take itself too seriously! Looking forward to hearing more from these two!



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