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Top 10 Dance - 22/04/2022

Updated: Apr 29, 2022



Weston & Teston - Always There

Toronto, Canada

Weston & Teston have sent us their new track 'Always There' to have a listen to. The duo is from Toronto, Ontario. Their track has been released under the hot label 'Feels Like Records'. Defo check them out. ‘Lay Me Down,’ features Heather Janssen on vocals who delivers a slick, sexy, smooth vocal that excites you just in time for the summer. This single showcases Weston & Teston’s signature sound while maintaining a dance pop feel that is sure to please the masses. 'Lay Me Down’ was two years in the making and remains entirely written and produced by the duo. The single will include the one (1) recording: 1. Weston & Teston – Lay Me Down (ft. Heather Janssen). This is a real summer vibe and we rate the way that the pair worked consistently on it for so long to get it to where it is now. Number 1 this week!



Vallac - Fake Love

Milan, Italy

Luigi Vallario, aka Vallac is back with his track titled 'Fake Love'. First discovering his love for music at aged 10, having approached various instruments he then went on to definitively chose to be for pursuing his love of electric bass. In 2017 he was invited to join on stage with an Italian artist (Nek) during his tour as DJ, and so started working alongside this talented artist. He decided to pursue his dream as a DJ, creating the persona of Vallac. He started last year by releasing his first 4 EPs. 'Fake Love' Opens with a funky deep house bassline and is then joined by the traditional sounds of house music - packed with piano synths, drum loops, vocal chops, and full female AND male vocals. This track should definitely be used by house DJs across the globe. I think it would do great in the UK club scene. Massive fan! One for your summer playlists and DJs, should get this on their set lists for sure!



Mishell Ivon - NAMELESS

Munich, Germany

Solo Artist Mishell Ivon specialises in Disco/ Funk/ Boogie Funk and her latest track titled 'NAMELESS' is the ultimate blend of all three! Opening with high reverb vocals which then disappear to make room for the main body of vocals, we instantly got a Doja Cat inspired vibe from this track. Full of funk, soul, heavy basslines, and a variety of backing vocal styles, we loved the energy of this one. Very 80s/90s inspired in nature. Check it out! Get your groove on and if you're planning on going to any roller discos or disco-themed events MAKE SURE THIS IS ON THE SETLIST!




Budapest, Hungary

DJ SKAGE & GIRL IN THE MIRROR have released Hindi mythology-inspired “AfterLife”. Alongside Tushar Sharma's guitar play we can hear Fanni Sütő's lyrics sung by Girl in the mirror. This song is a modern, pop-inspired drum and bass take on a well-known story from Hindi mythology. The song tells the tale of a desperate call from a woman in love and a hopeful message about the afterlife. The tree on the song artwork represents the eternal bonding of Parvati and Shiva. There were many elements in this production that we fell in love with. This is very much a fusion of world music and we're always excited to hear that! - A clever and thoughtful production that embodies many cultural influences from Southern Asia to the west there's something for everyone! NUMBER 4 this week.



DYCE - John Wayne

San Diego, United States

'John Wayne' is a track by DYCE which gets you in the mood to dance instantly. Inspired by the likes of Malaa, Tchami, Drezo, Bijou and Dr Fresch we hear big energy from the go. Releasing on Omens Records, Diverge Records, House Call Records, Nightenjin this year to name a few, this is an artist who very much knows his direction. Having created the track himself from his bedroom, we're definitely impressed! This track goes in heavy from the go with high-energy vocals accompanied by a heavy distortion of mixed synths and drum programming. There are many twists and turns in this track, wild drops, and vocal distortion. Clever production, catchy lyrics, clever use of vocal chops, and there's so much going on that it never gets repetitive! One of our favorites so far! Definitely check it out and show some love.



Dj Moderno - La Nave Nodriza

Madrid, Spain


This artist has been publishing remixes of indie bands, acting and publishing material with bands, as well as djing at indie/electronic venues and festivals for years. In 2020 he started to produce his material under the name 'Dj Moderno'. His latest release titled 'La Nave Nodriza' has a very strong and danceable electronic base oriented to disco-funk disco, inline of artists like Purple Disco Machine or Chromeo. In addition, they are complemented by a melodic treatment in synthesizers, guitar, and voices towards classic indie. The production was composed and recorded and all instruments were performed by DJ Moderno himself in his own studio Moderno's Terrace, with the collaboration of Ana Martínez on vocals and the aforementioned mixing and mastering work by Juan Sueiro Spam DJ. CHECK IT OUT! We love this one!




Credit - Robin Pope

Kaiyra is an artist who released her long-awaited debut single titled ‘Overnight’, on 19th of April this year. The track is self-produced in collaboration with Dan MacKenzie, Danny Y, and Maryn Knevitt. In a blast of dance-pop, Kaiyra transcends life’s obstacles and takes her strength back from the past as she reminisces over incredible times spent with a long-term lover. This production is packed with raw passionate vocals which are accompanied by effervescent tones and sparkling dance vibrations. This transforms the pain of lost love into an empowering life-affirming moment, energising and vitalising, as Kaiyra releases the demons of a past love. Packed with uplifting synth-pop hooks, uplifting melodies, a rush of emotion and rich vocal tones echoing the likes of CharliXCX, Mabel, or Alma we had no problem contemplating the inclusion of this track this week!



Estación Sub_Trópico - Contacto

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Credit - Paloma Hungría

Sub_Trópico Station is back with their new track titled 'Contacto'. This production is home to minimal elements are mixed with some of the Tech/House and the "tumbao" of the Dominican Tambora. This is a composition inspired by the symmetry that exists in the Universe and the need to connect with the entire Cosmos. When asked about the meaning behind the release, Sub_Trópico Station made the following statement - "We define this track as a Cosmic MamboTechHouse where various musical genres and subgenres converge, such as Merengue de Calle or Mambo, the TechHouse, a subgenre where the best of techno is combined with the best of house, these at the same time intertwined with elements of the Minimal". This track wowed us and so we put it in our Dance Top 10 this week! Click the link below to hear it!




Irvine, United States

'Hard To Love' is the brand new electro house release from 'AGLET' ft SAM MONTANA'. With a ton of energy, catchy vocals, and a unique vocoder this track is perfect for raising the energy of a long journey, for the club, or a party. This single was recorded in southern California and we can hear the influence of its surrounding in the production of this track. The vocals were written and performed by Sam Montana. The influence for this track dates back to the 2010 - 2014 EDM classics. Telling us more, the artist said that he "wanted to make something that sounded familiar yet unique. This song is about being hard to love, and not knowing what the next step in your relationship will be." Click the link below to hear for yourself! Stick it on repeat and then some.



esswhy - Gang

Philadelphia, United States

esswhy is back with a bang with their new track 'Gang'. Letting us know the idea behind the track they let us know that it "was to create a song which would represent the unity with old good friends. The aggressive and underground sound in the song represents the "cool" moments shared with each other in the younger periods of life. Gang = family of your friends." For the artist main musical influences include Martin Garrix, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia and Skrillex and we can hear those influences in this production. A great track for your playlists this weekend. Go check the track out for yourselves by clicking the link below.



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