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Top 10 - Dance & Pop - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?! CHART -01/07/2022

Updated: Jul 8, 2022



Maddy Carty - Future Daughter

London, United Kingdom

Maddy Carty’s latest release is a touching letter to her future daughter. Providing her with optimism and the hope that things will change in attitudes about body confidence, harassment, and loving who you love. Maddy’s bright vocals deliver the lyrics with passion and cheerfulness. The RnB-inspired drums rhythmically drive the track while the synths provide a chordal undertone. I love how the backing vocals are produced alongside the main vocal, adding many luscious harmonies and adlibs which decorate the song beautifully. Overall, the track makes you feel inspired and strong, it does a great job of making you proud to be a woman. One to listen to.



Celestial North - The Nature of Light

Kendall, United Kingdom

Celestial North is a Scottish artist based in the Lake District. ‘The Nature of Light’ is a track bursting with life. Glistening synths paired with dreamy backing vocals create an ethereal sound world that swallows you whole. Her delicate and high voice leads the storytelling taking place. Describing themes of light and nature guiding and finding you. The drums add the perfect push throughout. The bridge takes a slightly darker tone which is a brilliant addition to the major harmonies we heard earlier. As a fellow Scot I loved the Celtic inflections on her singing voice, it added that sense of uniqueness to an already beautiful sound.



Jay Moussa-Mann - One Summer's Day

Breukelen, Netherlands

Jay Moussa-Mann is a UK-based singer-songwriter with a great history of radio plays. ‘One Summers Day’ is a lyrically intriguing track. Jay has a great way of describing characters and scenes within her songs with strong use of metaphors. Within this latest release, a theme of meeting someone new yet remaining ‘just friends’ is explored. Vibrato synths with guitar riffs accompany her sweet voice in the chorus, while a sharp kick drum accentuates the off beats from the second verse. The song overall provides a great sense of excitement throughout. The storytelling developments are in tune with the production. It's early days, but this one to listen to for in the future.



Sicily Jordan - You Got Me

Orinda, United States

‘You Got Me’ is the lead single of Sicily Jordan's latest EP ‘Between Us’. The Orinda-based singer-songwriter writes catchy songs and has a silky-smooth voice to deliver them. ‘You Got Me’ kicks of a funky bass riff and hip-hop-like drums. The lyrics take an astrological theme in chorus describing feelings of love as ‘a black whole’ and ‘lack of gravity’. The overall disco theme makes this song upbeat and lively. I enjoy how the track develops with a symphony of backing vocals. They are panned and produced in a manner that thickens the texture while also adding counter melodies. The brass section adds life and brightness, sticking to the disco theme.



Project 21 - Out of the Dark

Kingston, Jamaica

Project 21 was created during the pandemic by Y’urs to connect people and overcome loneliness in times of darkness. ‘Out of the Dark’ is an effortlessly cool track and pulls together many intriguing characteristics. It kicks off with a smooth and jazzy wah-wah effect electric guitar alongside hip hop drums, adding to the relaxed vibe. The raspy rap connects this impactful introduction to a bold chorus where vocals explore dissonant harmonies. The overdubbed whisper track adds a heightened sense of drama to the chorus. The syncopated shock chords on the electric guitar add some reggae traits which help drive the track rhythmically, a feature that I thought helped bring the whole song together. A must in a summer playlist.



Cindy_Louise - Just Relax Remix

Breukelen, Netherlands

This latest release by South African singer Cindy Louise is a remix of her track ‘Just Relax’ released on her 2020 album Humanity. The sassy lyrics about being unapologetically yourself and not caring about what people think about you make this song instantly a feel-good anthem. The funk-inspired bassline and dance floor on the four drums makes this track easy to get up and move to. The edited vocal melody line is light-hearted and fun and runs through the track. The open bridge lets the powerful vibrato vocal be heard in isolation. This positive and optimistic pop track is sure to do numbers.



Confidential - Slipping Away

Brighton, United Kingdom

Confidential is a UK-based lo-fi chillhop/hip-hop artist and his latest track ‘Slipping Away’ is a great blend of these genres. The lo-fi elements within this track are the slow yet hip-hop-inspired drums and synth lead line heard through the chorus. The mellow tone is set with a steady bpm and harmonic structure. Lyrically the song delves into the imagined thoughts of a guy as his girlfriend is leaving their relationship. Confidential's voice does a perfect job of delivering these lines with a collected and smooth tone. The twinkling synths add a nice timbral contrast to the muted guitar tone. Altogether this song is a laid-back vibe, to listen hit stream now below.



Gui Williams - Hold On

New York, United States

Gui Williams is a Brazilian-born New York-based singer, composer, musician, and producer. His latest hit ‘Hold On’ is a dark pop track that had me captivated from the start. The low 808-like bass line sets a dramatic mood for the trap-inspired drums to work alongside. The stop and starts in texture grow the villain-like feel of the track, due to it creeping up and adding extra impact. His previous work has explored a number of genres including hip-hop and pop-rock. We hear echoes on the well-produced vocal, which starts off in a choir of vocoders. The lyrics explore the theme of feeling numb when a certain someone isn’t around. Gui strives to release quality music, this track is definitely that.



Rene Villa - Mistakes

London, United Kingdom

Costa Rican singer-songwriter Rene Villa has released his third single of 2022 ‘Mistakes’. The track has a lo-fi and RnB feel which blend well together. Rene's vulnerable voice delivers lyrics about never wanting to love again after making mistakes in a previous relationship. The voice reaches high, sustained notes in the chorus which are paired alongside a subtle vocoder effect. The simple yet powerful instrumentation keeps the moody atmosphere of the track. The lyrically reflective bridge has a driving kick drum adds a new element of drama. Altogether this is a slow and powerful tune. To hear this amazing track, follow the link below.



Dj Moderno - Tus Ojos

Madrid, Spain

This track has so many different musical characteristics. From the drums sounding straight out of the 80s, clearly influenced by club classics like Donna Summers ‘I Feel Love’. To the funky guitar and bass lines which remind the listener of the 70s. The delayed telephone filtered backing vocal gives me great 2000s pop nostalgia and this song provides them throughout. The chorus is full of short, accented chords to accompany the synth lead line. The main vocal switches between a whispered and reserved tone to a more energised and synthesised sound in the chorus and this adds great contrast. All of these mixed Spanish lyrics give you summer in a song.






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