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TOP 10 - Hip Hop/Rap/R&B 09/09/2022 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Number 1

KingTroy - Gang Got Booked

Vauxhall, UK

Leading this week's top 10 is KingTroy with one half of his double-drop, titled 'Issue 9421'. The latter section, 'Gang Got Booked' is what kicks us off for this edition.

On his grind for three years plus, Troy's progression has been transparently clear through his music. He has a versatile style which allows him to approach any beat's energy with a unique front, however on this track we are greeted with a consistent freestyle approach to level with the dark instrumental. It carries heavy Lil Baby vibes in my opinion, I'm really convinced by this track.

Looking forward to hearing what is next from KingTroy, this is one that brings promise for sure!

Number 2

Proklaim - Fantasy

Windhoek, Namibia

Back again on our charts is Namibian lyricist, Proklaim and his latest hit, 'Fantasy' out now on all major streaming platforms.

Proklaim never lets us down, whether that be his beat selection, lyrics, flow or rhythm, the guy has it all. There is a playful melody to this tune, and Proklaim matches it with constant alterations in his approach. He does actually discuss serious topics on the song, such as the concept of people not offering a helping hand, but expecting one in return. It's just another layer of his game to add to what are already the makings of a prominent artist.

Great work all round yet again by Proklaim, be sure to vote it on our poll down below if it's your favourite this week!

Number 3

Randy Beth - kaleidoscope

New York, USA

At number 3 this week we have New Yorker, Randy Beth and her latest release, 'kaleidoscope'.

This is a mellow tune to add to our collection of hits this week. The vibe would appear to showcase her vocal talent at a more relaxed, R&B tempo. The production is flawless and is used to enhance the catchy hook. The meaning is vividly present within the track, too. "Two hearts one bruise, bury it to conceal my truth" is an example of the Beth's poetic lyricism on display here, conveying the message that both parties of a relationship have suffered the same wounds.

A piece of work to be proud of by this emerging artist!

Number 4

Breon S.YN.D.E.L - Ring The Bell

Brooklyn, USA

Entry number 4 this week sees another talented New Yorker hit our charts, with Breon S.YN.D.E.L and his latest song, 'Ring The Bell'.

This is an interesting one, because the beat heavily resembles New York Drill, but there is such a versatile twist on show as the track is taken in a totally different direction to what is expected. S.YN.D.E.L adds his own melodic approach and flow to this style and offers us something new to think about when it comes to this genre.

A worthwhile listen to indulge in this week from the upcoming Brooklyn talent.

Number 5

Max Edwards - For Another

Vancouver, Canada

A first Canadian entry of the week sees singer, Max Edwards at number 5 with his recent hit, 'For Another'.

Boasting just over 20,000 streams on Spotify, there is little argument to deny this track has the makings of a popular anthem, on repeat for many members of his audience over the duration past since release, and it is no mystery as to why. The vocal talent of Edwards is one of a kind, he isn't a one dimensional singer who sticks to one style, he is versatile from track to track, and even within the same track as we see here. He switches levels often and offers new rhythms for us to think about. The production is on also on point, with a primary focus placed on backing vocals here.

A superb track to continue Edwards' 2022 onslaught!

Number 6

Khemistry - Magic

Chicago, USA

Chicago artist, Khemistry comes in at number 6 this week with her track, 'Magic'.

I knew that we were in for a treat as soon as I pressed play on this one, as the beat wastes little time getting into the 808 pattern. Khemistry approaches it in an unanticipated way. Her vocals are high-pitched and, in the best way possible, obnoxious. "They hate to see this glow" suggests that people are hating on her improvements as she continues to make herself and her craft, and long may it continue if we are to continue getting great work such as this from her!

Number 7

Reckless - Sad Girls Rock

London, UK

After so many high calibre London additions to our charts over the past few weeks, it was only fitting that we included one in this week's edition. This time, we have 'Reckless' with her new track, 'Sad Girls Rock'.

Let's not be mistaken, this is a deeply lyrical piece of work. Reckless mentions that she just needs "a listener, but after they listen they turn to a visitor", suggesting that people say they want to be there, but don't want to experience the tough times, only what seems positive at the surface, hence not really being there for her in her hour of need. This is just an example of a pour out of mental anguish we see throughout. It is a highly relatable track for many who suffer from anxiety and those feeling unappreciated at times.

With respect to all of that, Reckless' tone and flow highlights all other aspects in abundance, and overall she has created a masterpiece in my eyes.

Number 8

Jae Joven - Top 8

Portland, USA

Coming out of Portland, Jae Joven gives us 'Top 8' for our number 8 addition of the week.

This song is a vibe in itself. The flow is immaculate. It's consistent yet offers level switches where it could potentially begin to become monotonous. Joven doesn't allow this and keeps giving us variety throughout, not to mention he includes a catchy hook which is the true staple to this song. The production has that commercial gloss that any song in this R&B-influenced genre requires, making it sure to be a popular one amongst his audience. Great work!

Number 9

Trevour Amunga - Sweet Touch

Los Angeles, USA

LA artist, Trevour Amunga provides our number 9 inclusion this week, with 'Sweet Touch'.

The slower-tempo of the track gives an opportunity for Amunga to give an impression for what he has to offer, and he doesn't disappoint as he puts us in a musical trance with his unheard-of approach to riding the track. The production is a huge aspect of his artistic style, offering heavy effects on the parts of focus, and more mellow properties for the parts that allow the instrumental to express itself that bit more.

A solid piece of work for Amunga to introduce himself to our charts with!

Number 10

Clyde Syde - Love Hate

Leicester, UK

Concluding our list this week is a second UK addition to the list, with Clyde Syde, and his rock-influenced 'Love Hate'.

I'm a big fan of what Syde offers to this track. Clearly, it is very rock-orientated, and Syde keeps that theme even more relevant with his rough, yet ironically and unorthodoxy melodic approach. He progressively builds up to a drop on the beat each time, even including a beat switch to add further anticipation to what is to come.

A perfect note to end on for this week's Top 10. Don't forget, if Clyde Syde's 'Love Hate' or any other of the tracks on this list stood out to you, vote them as your favourite in our poll down below!




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