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TOP 10 RNB - 06/05/2022

Updated: May 14, 2022



Noa Sabi - Come to Class

South Croydon, United Kingdom

Noa Sabi is an artist who wishes to embody that true fusion the world needs. Her latest released entitled 'Come to Class' instantly gives us the vibe that there will be a lesson to be learned from this song. The singer and pianist recorded this track a Rocking Horse Studios Durham alongside the Combstock brothers who helped produce it. Listening to the beautifully executed story, the main lesson to take from this class is the concept of truth and with motivation. Opening with a spoken word message before the vocals I nearly fell on the floor with excitement. This artist infuses her pianist skills with hip-hop and soul and funk. You really cannot help but LOVE this artist. Please check her out!



VOLCANIC DA DON & 23KP - Falling In Love

Sumter, United States

VOLCANIC DA DON & 23KP have released 'Falling In Love'. This is song that was made during the Pandemic by an American artist in collaboration with a Canadian artist about 'Falling In Love' just as the title suggests. It gives off a real hip-hop mixed with R&B vibe. Boasting thousands of followers and thousands of views on YouTube we knew we had to hear it too! and if you haven't already, what you waiting for?!! I really love the Hip-Hop and R&B mix in this track and the two vocalists really bring their own sounds to the table. Great work.



Keelah Tay - Between the Lust

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Diacinco

Coming in at Number 2 this week is Keelah Tay with her latest single entitled 'Between the Lust'. This song is about the modern challenges of trying to find true romantic connections. The Los Angeles based performing artist and songwriter, lives to share the human experience. Her sound is rooted in soul but she draws inspiration from a plethora of styles, from rock to electronic. She started writing poetry as kid then transitioned into songwriting whilst pursuing career in musical theater. Songwriting had been her long-held but hidden ambition and led to the life changing decision to be a full-time devoted independent musician. "Songwriting is the clearest way for me to communicate with people. Having a wide range of taste in music has helped me develop as an artist and as a person. My process usually starts with a lyric idea or a phrase that I flesh out by writing the song on the keyboard (which I don’t play very well). Songwriting is still very instinctual to me. Sometimes a producer or instrumentalist will send me a track that I’ll feel inspired to write to, but most of the time it’s definitely about the song first for me. I look for producers who take risks and who present a unique point of view." Make sure you go check out the collaboration room!



Joël Francis - InterPhased

Leuven, Belgium

InterPhased is a song about two souls finding each other and colliding. The strong connection two people can have is reflected in this slow-balled R&B vibe of this song. In a statement we were told "We made it in one night because everything just fit so smoothly fort the start. The instruments combined with the vocals really serves for taking you on this trip with us."I love the philosophy of this artist already! When asked who the band members are, she simply said "I'm featuring this song with my partner, Zofilo." How beautiful! The two met in the studio, initially recording for another song. Taking influence from artists such as

Kali Uchis, Don Toliver, Sza, Jazmine Sullivan and Victoria Monet, we knew this would be one worth listening to! and it really is! So make sure you go check it out right now. Show some love.



meadowhip - Iconic

Wollongong, Australia

Credit - Taylah Chapman

With this track, we see meadowhip show her vulnerable side, while maintaining a commanding vocal delivery and her trademark self-deprecating lyrical style. Iconic is full of smooth pop-R&B hooks, massaged into a bed of jazzy keys, lazy bass and lo-fi/hip hop inspired beats. The track is sprinkled liberally with luscious vocal harmonies and golden, glittery samples, and is capped with a cracking trumpet solo from Sydney’s Tommy Gun. Produced by LA's R&B/soul master Mark Evich, with mix and additional vocal production by Sydney’s neo soul sweetheart Chelsea Warner, Iconic is the first single from meadowhip’s debut EP “Ruckus”, which is due for release late 2022.



Melita - Hearticulate

Sydney, Aruba

Credit - Shen Osaki

Melita is a 22-year old Sydney based musician who sails between R&B/Soul, Funk and Yacht Rock grooves to create a smooth yet cosmic sonic world. Growing up in a musical family and pursuing her studies at The Conservatorium of Music, she is enamoured with all aspects of music-making from songwriting, producing and performing. She is passionately involved in Sydney’s live music scene whether it be opening for local talents or playing in the bands of R&B/Soul acts such as Gemma Navarrete, Chelsea Warner and Simran Sultana. Melita adds to this flourishing Sydney R&B/Soul scene with her undeniable groove and vibrant 70s flare. Thematically, “Hearticulate” is an anthem for indecision, detailing the war between the heart and the mind. It delves into the perils of overthinking and how this can cloud intuition, making it hard to articulate how you truly feel. Melita’s eclectic mix of styles and melancholic tone of lyricism make for a nostalgic spin on R&B/Soul full of heart.



Little Moses Jones - Making Crazy

Englewood, United States

Credit - Little Moses Jones

Once upon a time, when pop music was really good, dancers would fill the floor after listening to just a few measures of a new song. You remember Soul Train, don’tcha? Well, Little Moses Jones Ft. Anverrea Bennett‘ “Making Crazy” channels that golden musical age with a classic “get-off-yo-butt” rhythm intertwined with a fresh sound to create one of the best danceable hits to come around in years! If you're looking for something slick with a bit of get up and dance then make sure you hit the link below, you're gonna love this one!



Amy Correa Bell - Anyways

San Fernando Valley, CA, United States

Credit - Skyler Wagoner

Amy Correa Bell is a Post Punk Alternative RnB icon who after being in multiple bands for the past 10 years, in 2018 decided to fly solo. Amy's latest single, titled 'Anyways' was originally produced by production duo Beat Ventriloquists but was offered to her in 2019 when it was first recorded. In 2021 the track was then rerecorded after Director Valentina Vee showed an interest in the star. Making the intentions of the track clear we were informed that "Anyways was created as a healing song that expresses not only the highlights but also the struggles of living in a committed relationship.". The song's analog-synth influences take us back to the soundtracks of the 80s. We love the vocal drops, and emotional, vulnerable lyricism. We're really looking forward to hearing more from Amy Correa Bell and don't forget to stream 'Anyways' using the link below and to watch the video which is at Number 1 on our Top 10 Videos in last months finds. Great work girl! Go do your thing.




New York City, United States

Aspen is a singer songwriter, producer who recorded her latest EP 'SPACE' in her "little apartment in Chinatown NYC". She also produced and mixed her project - something many of us try to do but sometimes fail. Quoting Aspen the artist said that she "wanted the project to feel weightless, hence the name SPACE. At the same time, the lyrics are very personal to me, as I wrote them while navigating a troubled time in my relationship. We found ourselves searching for more SPACE, and wishing we might be able to go back in time." When asked for a quote the artist simply said "Come float with me" so I decided to give it go! This album was so good I had to bring it over to our Top 10 RNB this week! Check out her full album review in the feature section!



queen mars - lucid truths and fever dreams

Los Angeles, United States

Credits - Brian Strupp and Ayahna Shea

queen mars sent us her debut LP 'lucid truths and fever dreams' and we were so impressed by the producer and singer-songwriter. queen mars explores her astrological makeup with a thirteen song tracklist that mirrors her birth chart. Dipping between the personalities of her god complex and inner child, queen mars explores the full range of her psyche with the rawness of a diary entry. lucid truths and fever dreams is an astrology-inspired album that acts as a thirteen-minute fever dream. Each track flows into the next, exploring the planetary placements and themes of mars’ birth chart. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go listen! Especially if you're a Doja Cat fan.



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