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Top 10 RnB - 29/04/2022



Sol Morgan - Sex Appeal ft. Ethos The Rapper

Birmingham, United Kingdom

'Sex Appeal' is no stranger to TJPL News. Having impressed us last week, we highlighted this track at Number 2. This week, however, 'Sex Appeal' has come in to take the top spot in our Top 10 RnB finds. I had the pleasure of meeting with the producer behind this track today and I was impressed by his talent, story, and humble nature. He has created something extremely integral to the sound of Birmingham's RnB music scene and I cannot wait to hear the next projects from all of the creatives who were involved in this one! This week's post is more of an appreciation towards the producer rather than the vocalists so make sure that you check him out over on Insta @xtof_production



Zed, The Dreamer - i died too

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Anmi Studios

Zed, The Dreamer is the solo project of Portuguese singer-songwriter Zé Pedro Viveiros who takes inspiration from artitsts such as Bon Iver, Matt Corby, and Ben Howard. Zed, The Dreamer pursues a constant path of experimentation and self-discovery through his blend of indie, folk, and soul that feels understated yet intimate.He has a real rase and beautiful sound. He told us that this song is a homage to the feeling of ‘longing’, which means ‘Saudade’ in the artist's native tongue, Portuguese. ‘Saudade’ represents the feeling of missing something or someone in an immeasurable way, and it is deeply intertwined with the way Zed, The Dreamer, perceives the world and his emotions. Stream using the link below!



Naomi Cheyanne - See You Later

Long Beach, United States

Credit - Daniel Robert Ulibarri

Naomi Cheyanne presents 'See You Later' as a synthy dream with a bit of sarcasm mixed with passion, "See You Later" is a record that emulates the endearing communication between a romantic couple. The groovy bassline, catchy drum pattern, and gleaming vocals create an enticing atmosphere for listeners. Produced, Mixed, and arranged by Home Music Group's Daniel Robert Mastered by Irvin Johnson at Columbia Mastering. Written and performed by Naomi Cheyanne. This artist has a great tone to her voice and the production elements are great! Catchy lyrics and a beautiful track/. Click the link below to hear it!



Helen - Morals

Silver Spring, United States

Independent artist Helen returns with ‘Morals’, a Pop R&B track with elements inspired by songs of the early 2000s. I THINK THIS ARTIST IS DOJA CAT'S TWIN. I'M ALWAYS DOWN FOR THIS TYPE OF ARTIST! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS TRACK! Vastly different from her last single ‘Bitter Bitch’, an empowering Pop Funk track, ‘Morals’ explores the conflicting emotions that come with being blindly in love. In a statement Helen said "I wrote 'Morals' back in early February after coming across the main bass sample. I had been talking with a friend about how it would feel to be

so invested in someone that you would do

anything for them so I wanted to find a way to

write about that. It was really fun to write and

work on. " This is an absolute ESSENTIAL for fans of artists such as Doja Cat, I would actually think this was Doja if I hadn't known it wasn't. Great track!



Charlie Noiir - Beside Me

Toronto, Canada

Credit - Dusty Loops

Charlie Noiir is back with his brand new track titled 'Beside Me'. Following closely on from recent single ‘Masters’, Toronto based royalty Charlie Noiir picks up the pace returning just weeks later with second 2022 single, the unguarded and intimate ‘Beside Me’. Peeling back the layers, Noiir showcases his true versatility as he takes it down, unearthing deeper levels of authenticity underlined with complete artistic prowess. This is a track you NEED to hear! Soft and soulful and full of feeling, this one will get you in your feels for sure! A true confession of love is found in this piece.



The Art Crimes Band - Guy Like You

Cork, Ireland

'The Art Crimes Band' are a six-piece R&B/Soul band from Cork City, Ireland who after a decade of playing pubs and bars night after night decided to walk away from it all in 2020 and begin a new journey focusing solely on our own music. The origin story of ‘Guy Like You’ involves Grace McMahon's story regarding a dating app where she "was busily swiping left one summers night while sipping red wine pondering all things a guy has to be before she will go on a date with him." As a result, this amazing sultry, funk/soul track was born. Grace got it all off her chest, found her man and married him. You go girl! As a result, the band hit the recording studio. This is such a great band so make sure that you check it out by using the link below!




New York City, United States

Aspen is no stranger to TJPL News, we reviews her 'SPACE' EP earlier week and decided that the whole EP decided a spot here too! Aspen is a singer-songwriter, and producer who recorded her latest EP 'SPACE' in her "little apartment in Chinatown NYC". She also produced and mixed her project - something many of us try to do but sometimes fail. Quoting Aspen the artist said that she "wanted the project to feel weightless, hence the name SPACE. At the same time, the lyrics are very personal to me, as I wrote them while navigating a troubled time in my relationship. We found ourselves searching for more SPACE, and wishing we might be able to go back in time." When asked for a quote the artist simply said "Come float with me" so I decided to give it go!



Nina Chiodin - Cherries And Pearls

Berlin, Germany

Credit - Charlie Alvernhe

'Cherries And Pearls' was written last summer, when Nina experienced a sensation of love and admiration for someone like never before. This song is an expression of adoration, desire, and affection for a person. With the mostly steady bassline and drum pattern she wants to represent the safety she felt in her lover's arms. The vocal and harmony lines, as well as the mellow and gentle keys and guitar parts mimic the softness and tenderness of their love. This is a real beautiful song that is enhanced by the smoothness of the instrumental. REPEAT!! Click the link below to hear it. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Well done girl.



Lacañgan - Cool

Texas, United States

Credit - Depicted by DLH

Lacañgan delivers nostalgic Michael Jackson vibes with his new single 'Cool'. Infused with Soulful vocals and R&B instrumentation, 'Cool' explores the vulnerability of being exposed to love. Lacañgan explained how he felt "closed up", no longer wanting to share his heart. However, once numb to love, Lacañgan conveys in 'Cool' the re-lit passion he found when taking a chance on love, paying off greatly. 'Cool' is set to "make history" Lacañgan (songwriter), Andre Taylor (songwriter), and Levester White (producer), all who contributed to the writing and recording process of the track. Lacañgan provides a unique sound, creating a "popular brand of pop and soul partnered with infectious melodies", being compared to artists such as Bruno Mars.



Britney Stoney - Missin U

Detroit, United States

Britney Stoney is a singer/songwriter from Detroit USA. Taking influence from artists such as Mary J Blige, , Sade, Anita Baker, Patti LaBelle, and so on, we got a glimpse into what the world of Britney Stoney entails before hearing her latest track, 'Missin U'. She has some pretty cool exposure under her belt such as being featured in the UK commercial for Churchill insurance (I'm going to have to search this now). Britney Stone has the classic RnB and Pop combination to her work, so if that's your vibe then make sure that you click the link below!



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