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TRACK OF THE DAY - OSP - 'Call Me' (Riser 2-Step Remix) - LATEST RELEASE


'Call Me' (Riser 2-Step Remix)

Reading, United Kingdom

Everybody, brace yourself for the return of OSP! After continuing to impress listeners across the UK and beyond, the group has released their latest remix single 'Call Me' (Riser 2-Step Remix) following on from the success of their original version of ‘Call Me’ last month.

Now, where do I begin to start with this track? The song is an absolutely faultless entity! I was up out of my seat before the end of the first bar and hit repeat before the end of the first half.

This progressive garage remix has all the makings of a hit, from the bubbles of the bassline to the rap flows. Get this song playing out loud through your speakers and enjoy the ride - Kings, Queens and all in between!

I'm under no illusion that OSP is here to stay as they continues to slay with every single release! YES YES YES YES YES. Track of the day! - There's no denying it! OSP are the S*** - TAMARA JENNA

Whilst the original release entails a sombre and lovelorn listen, the RISER 2-STEP Remix adds an extra spin to the whirlwind that is OSP. I think it's worth highlighting the work that RISER does with young artists, I've only ever heard absolute bangers come through from their artists so make sure that you check them out too!


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