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TOP 10 -Videos - 24/06/2022



Slay Positive - Mind Control

Atlanta, United States

‘Mind control’ by ‘Slay Positive’ starts with Jump cuts of an eyeball to what appears to be the text of “Don’t Be Afraid” and what appears to be a copyright message accompanied by a retro VHS effect which I LOVE. The video consistently has retro effects from the 60s and 70s with jump cuts of what appears to be some sort of new technology and parts of the body, for example, the tear glands, and the brain to connote an idea of brainwashing and propaganda. This video is a MUST SEE for people who like the alternative aesthetic and vibe and hopefully, there is a resurgence of it in the near future.




Russian Federation

The video starts with Derry Fillin picking up a vinyl. This is accompanied by the use of the non-diegetic sound of wind and ticking. In addition to this, the post-production effects depict the music video to have a monochrome edit. The linear narrative depicts a man, who is presumably the protagonist of this storyline to be walking around a rural and forest setting with sinister non-verbal communication in his facial expression throughout the music video. As the music video progresses, the audience can see jump cuts between the artist, Derry Fillin, and the protagonist. This appeals to the audience that not only does this have a linear narrative, but a performance narrative as well.



NEMESIS - Tigress

Los Angeles, United States

‘Tigress’ by Nemesis starts with a fade from black to the image of what appears to be an aerial shot of a rainforest. There is then a jump cut to a tiger staring directly into the camera which is further accompanied by jump cuts of a woman and the tiger in the forest. As the music video progresses, there are many striking visuals of different aspects of what appears to be a rainforest setting including tracking shots and low-angle shots of ‘Nemesis’, the artist who depicts her to be a dominative figure throughout. The video ends with a close shot of a tiger and its cubs.



J'Moris - Being Humble

Texas, United States

‘Being humble’ starts off with a psychedelic intro accompanied by ‘Artist Named Chi’ film. It then jumps cuts to a female model wearing sunglasses and an orange halter shirt whilst fanning herself with what appears to be money. This could connote a feeling of affluence. This video then progresses with the same female model circling and what appears to be admiring Chi (the artist). The video consistently has double vision shots and money falling which connotes ideas of rags to riches which fits into the genre conventions of underground rap. This music video is a MUST SEE for any aspiring artists of the rap genre.




Toronto, Canada

‘Two wrongs’ by Mykell Messiah starts with a flashback and forward shots of the artists getting arrested and to the present day. The video then has aerial shots, jump cuts, and tracking shots of Mykell Messiah and what appears to be a sophisticated mansion connoting wealth. The video then progresses to what appears to be Mykell Messiah and his friends having fun with each other whilst drinking alcohol and smoking cigars. The video then shows a linear narrative with what appears to be a saleswoman saying, ‘I got the information you wanted. The video then flips back into a performance narrative. Whilst watching the video I enjoyed the contrast between the two different narratives and is a definite watch.



MY BABY - stupid

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The video for ‘Stupid’ by MY BABY starts with a blue background and someone singing along to the song which is consistent throughout the music video. The video has high saturated and psychedelic visuals which were very appealing to the eye. I also found the person dancing along to the rhythm of the music quite quirky and enjoyable, to say the least. I think this video is perfect for people who enjoy the alternative and electronic synth side of music, and I can hear the song being played in the background of some sort of car advert. Bravo to ‘MY BABY’ for making such an entertaining music video.



TÖRZS - Átfordul (Live at Bükk)

Budapest, Hungary

This 7-and-a-half-minute video by the band TÖRZS starts with a monochrome image that is consistent throughout the video and what appears to be a Northern Inuit or Husky Dog lurking around the tranquil forest. The video then progresses to have the band TORZS on what depicts to be a stage. In this video, the Band TORZS consistently have solemn and serious non-verbal communication suggesting that they are passionate about their music or concept. Also, the video often has close shots and long shots which shows the true nature of the video. The video then ends with the same dog suggesting that there is a cyclical nature or structure to this concept.



Andy Roda - Closer

Berlin, Germany

‘Closer’ by Andy Roda starts with neon lights and then has jump cuts to Andy Roda in what appears to be some sort of hotel room facing toward a mirror and singing which offers a performance narrative to the audience. The video then progresses to having a dance break which I enjoyed as it reflected the conventions of a pop-house anthem. The song itself has a catchy hook of ‘a little bit closer’ which is enjoyable to listen to. Overall, the music video has striking visuals of neon lights and a night-time setting which was aesthetically pleasing to the eye and I can also imagine this song being played at clubs and bars.



Glenn Valles - I Can’t

Mumbai, India

The video for ‘I Can’t’ by Glenn Valles starts with a couple holding hands and shows visuals aligned with the lyrics of the song. This is a video for the romantic side of life, and it depicts the slow dance at a wedding kind of vibe. The video then showcases a pink display with what appears to be a guitar in the background. It then jumps back to the same couple who are in love with each other.




Bath, United Kingdom

The video to ‘Wasteland’ by Alvinos Zavlis is a lyric video that starts off with a black background, but the lyrical text has different fonts with striking visuals which catches the audience’s attention straight away. The effect of adding what appears to be the lyrics “so cold” adds to the vibe of the phrase and sends shivers down my spine as I noticed it. Also, as the video progresses the background color alternates between yellow, orange, and blue which I enjoyed as it gave a summer vibe to it. Overall, the video was enjoyable, and I think that the visuals accompanied the video well.



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