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Reveries In Grey

Bangalore, India

Bangalore-based Vishal Naidu has been producing music for a while now, slowly building a pure and authentic journey as a guitarist to portray the musings of nature.

The latest release from this talented artist was released on 04/11 under the title of 'Reveries in the Grey'. Through this release, Naidu carves the intricate journey of what the artist describes as "prevailing melancholia, a liminal space between sadness and joy".

'Reveries in the Grey' opens with a pure ambience which has been created through the spaces between the notes. The way that track builds is absolutely stunning! As the addition of more strings enter the piece listeners are given an orchestral layer to this neo-folk production. The method behind the guitar playing transitions through many chapters to tell a true tale of wonder.

From the neo-folk meets classical twist to the beautiful heartwarming Spanish guitar and the rock-encased strums, this piece really impressed me (as a guitarist for over twenty years). Hats off to Vishal Naidu for creating such a gorgeously crafted tale. This is one of my favourite guitar compositions to date.

I had no idea that over seven minutes had gone by whilst listening to this piece. If we are to believe it a fact that true art captures the transcendence of time then this piece is nothing short of an eternal masterpiece. - TAMARA JENNA


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