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Weekly Top 10 - 29/04/2022



Sol Morgan - Sex Appeal ft. Ethos The Rapper

Birmingham, United Kingdom

'Sex Appeal' is no stranger to TJPL News. Having impressed us last week, we highlighted this track at Number 2. This week, however, 'Sex Appeal' has come in to take the top spot in our Top 10 RnB finds. I had the pleasure of meeting with the producer behind this track today and I was impressed by his talent, story, and humble nature. He has created something extremely integral to the sound of Birmingham's RnB music scene and I cannot wait to hear the next projects from all of the creatives who were involved in this one! This week's post is more of an appreciation towards the producer rather than the vocalists so make sure that you check him out over on Insta @xtof_production



Helen - Morals

Silver Spring, United States

Independent artist Helen returns with ‘Morals’, a Pop R&B track with elements inspired by songs of the early 2000s. I THINK THIS ARTIST IS DOJA CAT'S TWIN. I'M ALWAYS DOWN FOR THIS TYPE OF ARTIST! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS TRACK! Vastly different from her last single ‘Bitter Bitch’, an empowering Pop Funk track, ‘Morals’ explores the conflicting emotions that come with being blindly in love. In a statement Helen said "I wrote 'Morals' back in early February after coming across the main bass sample. I had been talking with a friend about how it would feel to be so invested in someone that you would do anything for them so I wanted to find a way to write about that. It was really fun to write and work on. " This is an absolute ESSENTIAL for fans of artists such as Doja Cat, I would actually think this was Doja if I hadn't known it wasn't. Great track!



dzill - Free Yourself ft Caroline Trugman

New York, United States

dzill has been lauded as one of the premiere DJs in NYC nightlife. Based out of New York City, dzill has received support from big name artists such as Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Deadmau5, Sam Feldt, Slushii and Sikdope. As a producer, dj and multi-instrumentalist, he has gained over 500,000+ streams on Spotify, and has performed at some of NYC’s most exclusive parties including venues such as the Museum of Modern Art, Leave Rochelle Out of It and Bleecker Hall, including a weekly open format residency at Solas Bar NYC. His most recent release 'Feeling This' was released on Gameroom Recordings, a subsidiary of the iconic Tiësto founded Blackhole Recordings.



Nina Chiodin - Cherries And Pearls

Berlin, Germany

Credit - Charlie Alvernhe

'Cherries And Pearls' was written last summer, when Nina experienced a sensation of love and admiration for someone like never before. This song is an expression of adoration, desire, and affection for a person. With the mostly steady bassline and drum pattern she wants to represent the safety she felt in her lover's arms. The vocal and harmony lines, as well as the mellow and gentle keys and guitar parts mimic the softness and tenderness of their love. This is a real beautiful song that is enhanced by the smoothness of the instrumental. REPEAT!! Click the link below to hear it. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Well done girl.


NUMBER 6 Maijah - My Time

Portland, United States

Credit - Gemma Cross

My Time will be on Maijah's debut EP "Star Fairy," and this single release will be used as a sneak peek into the EP. “My Time;” a dazzling, confidence-boosting hype song with a tone of determination. There is a commanding presence to My Time, powerfully demonstrating the process of turning self-doubt into ambition, into action. In typical Maijah style, My Time dabbles in a multitude of genres, the production (done by Nic Casey) taking the listener through a journey of everything from electronic beats, to guitar riffs, and even to jazz chords, while Maijah’s powerhouse vocals are reminiscent of classic R&B/pop stars. It’s safe to say My Time appeals to a wide variety of listeners, including fans of icons like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, and Billie Eilish. If you want to be reminded of your inevitable success, and feel like a superstar while doing it, listen to “My Time” by Maijah.



Tremayne - Total Fucking Darkness

Toronto, Canada

Tremayne makes waves with explosive new single ‘Total Fucking Darkness’ [22nd April 2022] Marking his first solo release since 2019, Toronto based rising Rap star and Hip Hop artist Tremayne is back in action with fiery new single ‘Total Fucking Darkness’. Riding on the back of the waves created by this momentous drop, Tremayne now reveals what he’s quietly been working on. Dripping with confidence, artistic prowess and integrity, ‘Total Fucking Darkness’ is punctuated with attitude and layered with Tremayne’s profilic energy that pulsates like heat throughout every single beat.



Bekim! - Next To Me

Peine, Germany

Bekim! is no stranger to TJPL News. Having made our Top 10 RnB earlier this month he's back with his new single 'Next To Me', the perfect summer track! Classic New Jack Swing / R&B with catchy vocals and a chorus to remember. Check out the flavor! Bekim is the composer and producer. He plays the keyboards and programs the drums, bass, and everything. He works with different singers who sing his songs. Quote - "If you hold on to your dream you will eventually make it. Just don't give up."Click the link below to hear it!



KC Star - HOW MANY TIMES? (feat. Ellie H)

Oklahoma City, United States

Fresh off the press, DFW/OKC-based independent artist KC Star has released their second single HOW MANY TIMES? today! This is a song from his forthcoming sixth EP. The track is a collaboration with his real-life best friend Ellie H, who lends a verse and witty exchanges to the song. It is rooted in pop with influences of rock and punk music. Thematically, the track plays with the idea of two people double-crossed by the same lover coming together to attack. KC Star got his start by posting pop/rap covers on his SoundCloud back in 2017, amassing over 150k plays today. He now writes, records, and produces his own original music inspired by his favorite pop stars like Kesha, Lady Gaga, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Dua Lipa. Today's pop music scene has taken a very minimalist approach, but he aims to bring back a bombastic, anthemic dance-pop sound. Go check it out!



Liss - Heartbreaker

Melbourne. Australia

Liss released her DEBUT SINGLE titled 'Heartbreaker' earlier this week! Growing up in Melbourne, Liss started writing at the age of 9 and became fascinated with pop music. During school, this skill continued to develop, and by the time she was 19 she decided she was to study music at university. During this time she collaborated with producers and artists alike. In 2020 during lockdown she composed the skeleton of Heartbreaker. In 2021 she first came in touch with the producer Bhauraw and this is where the song had its finishing touches. Check it out using the link below!



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