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Weekly Top 10 Dance & Pop 20/05/2022



Max Edwards - Blame Me

Vancouver, Canada

Credit - Felix Abraham

Max Edwards is a Pop/R&B Singer, Songwriter, and producer from Whistler BC, Canada. He sent us his third and latest single entitled 'Blame Me'. This is a song that he wrote a few months ago about being so madly in love with someone that you cant live without them. This song hit a nerve in me so I had to put it in at Number 1 this week and also in my personal 'Tamara Jenna Top Picks' Playlist. The vocals are gorgeous, the lyrics are catchy and relatable to the soul. You can feel every line of this track. All of the instrumental is perfectly mixed and mastered too. I can't wait to hear more!




Seattle, United States

Credits - Sarah Petrov, Garret King, Aurelio

Hailing from Seattle, WA, ANGEL! Began rapping in local studios at age 9. After writing and recording in and around the city for years, he released his first mixtape at 16 to local acclaim, building a buzz and capitalising by opening up for touring artists throughout high school and signing a deal with the indie label Black Umbrella. ANGEL!'s latest release 'CONVERSATIONS ALONE!' is all sorts of energy! It's a track that implements the feel of the Rocky Horror Show with funk I have never heard anything remotely similar. This artist's originality reminds me of 'Prince' and that is not a statement that I would make lightly so make sure that you go listen to it!



Temperature Falls - Lab Rat

Oslo, Norway

Credit - ian J Ward

Temperature falls made up of vocalist and lyricist Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward. Besides sharing that indestructible music connection that brought them closer together, they bring a genre-defying feel to their music. The track opens with a dark and suspenseful way through the use of reverb and choppy synths before introducing distant yet clear vocals! The lyrics take you on journey through the unknown in this piece offering the listener something quite psychedelic. This is certainly a uniquely talented duo who aren't ashamed of their own sound, in fact, quite the opposite! and we over at TJPL NEWS are honored to join in on with this one!



Ambiere - Thea

Ashton-Under-Lyne, United Kingdom

Credit - Stefanos Aktipis

Ambiere released her latest single today! 'Thea’ can be seen as looking back at the moments in your life that you spent with someone and being grateful for the time and memories that you shared. ‘Thea’ can be interpreted in any way she makes you feel. This track is a highly emotive piece indeed. The progression builds traction through the introduction and initial verse before bringing a classic EDM thud to our eardrums without losing the beauty and depth of the vocals. I loved this one! Make sure that you give it a spin!



Samuel Joson - What Can We Do?

Minneapolis, United States

Opening with a feel of indie rock about it, 'What Can We Do' takes a turn into something slightly more towards a pop/soul feel. The Hook has a feel of Maroon 5 to it but with a Samuel Joson twist. 'What Can You Do?' is a feel good and song that in a nutshell states that you can't force love. The guitar solo midway is slick and breaks the track down! The lyrics are highly relatable, the vocal style is catchy. Its a feel good song that gets caught in your head very easily. Go click the link to hear it now!



Celestial North - When the Gods Dance

Kendall, United Kingdom

Celestial North is a talented, multi-faceted musician and songwriter with her songs regularly played on BBC Introducing. release was included in Celestial North is currently recording her debut album which will be released in September 2022. You can see her live at Kendal Calling Festival! So, onto her latest release! 'When The Gods Dance' is an interesting track that takes you through true experimentalism from the start! Enticing, capturaving and purely unique, I can see why this artist has received so much success thus far in her career. Definitely check it out if you're in the search of something different! If that's you then make sure that you click the link below!



My Friend The Chimpanzee - Twin Moons

Vienna, Austria

Credit - Marie-Kathrin Wieser

My Friend The Chimpanzee are an Indietronica duo from Vienna/Austria. So, who are the duo? consisting of producers Josef Umschaid (drums and fx) and Lukas Wieser (strings and synths) their music, combines elements of different genres. Whilst their use of guitar and bass guitar are very alt-rock, they are supplemented by indie pop synths and vocals, with hip hop and trap beats providing the foundation. This track is a fun indietronica track packed with autotune distorted backing vocals. The way that the track develops is amazing, futuristic and most importantly, FUN! I love all of the different layers going on in the mix. This is a must for your Friday/Saturday night!



Jeffrey Chan - Vertigo

Sydney, Australia

Following the release of Jeffrey’s latest single 'You Only Want Me When I'm Gone', Jeffery Chan's latest release 'Vertigo' brings us a collaborative effort alongside producer Dibs (Carly Rae Jepsen, Melanie Martinez) once again. The Hitchcock inspired track ‘Vertigo’ is heavily influenced by 80s pop and new-wave music and whilst detailing the euphoric, dizzying highs of falling in love. What's not to love about that feeling? Morphing the elation of love in pop form, this track is a must for any loved up humans out there! Click the link below to show and share the love!



Timothy and the Apocalypse - Ego

Sydney, Australia

Timothy and the Apocalyse has sent us his track entitled 'Ego' to review this week. 'Ego' is a production off of his latest 10 track album entitled 'Fragments'. When talking about his work Timothy made the following statement - “I have no musical bounds and write with complete passion,” says Timothy of his process towards this body of work. - from the album Fragments” Back to 'Ego', this track opens with a spoken word sample - just what I like! Things that make me think! Slowly progressive, perfectly mixed and an overall morph of character is found in this track. If experimental and progressive techno is right down your street then make sure you don't miss this one!



Eliot Allison - Hey

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Emmanuel Holcroft

'Hey' is the first solo release from electronic pop writer Eliot Allison. Speaking of the signs in a relationship, he has used sign language to access the unknown mystics of the chaos of love.Eliot Allison is a multi-dimensional artist - as well as playing in Orchestras, Indie bands and recently working as a composer/musician with Theatre companies in the South-west amonst many other artistic endeavors. 'Hey' opens with a twee inspired sounds before introducing Eliot Allison's vocals to the mix. An interesting synth bassline joins into the track to offer a slapback delay dimension. The lyrics are catchy, I think maybe if the vocals were a little louder in the mix then this would be an absolute hit with alternative music fans for sure! I'm looking forward to hearing as this artist develops his solo career. Overall, a solid debut release!



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