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'Weekly Top 10 Pop' 08/04/2022

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Photo credits: Imogen Davis


Finn McGowan - The Borderline

England, West Midlands

Coming in at Number 1 this week is Finn McGowan - 'The Borderline.' Released on 05/04/2022 he came straight in to take the crown! As the only producer on this track, we were really impressed. Opening with a slow picky acoustic guitar accompanied by a soft 808 felt resemblance to a heartbeat. We were instantly moved by the raw feel of the track. The lyrics are 100% on point, with a genuine sense of emotion in both the written content and the execution of his vocals. His vocal style has a hint of Khalid and Dan Smith (Bastille). Making reference to being chased by his demons he makes apologies for not being the person he's needed to be and asks not to be abandoned. In this track, Finn McGowan is very conscious of his demons as he sings the words"can't you see that this is me, so take it or leave me be". Just WOW. Definitely check this track out! Well done!



Floret Fauna - No Te Enamores de Nadie

Barcelona, Spain

Credit - Julietta Pea

Floret Fauna, is an Italian Colombian international model and singer. Her new track titled 'No Te Enamores de Nadie' is an upbeat track with a great melody. Combining elements of Afrobeats, Reggaeton and pop we hear a spin of beautifully performed vocals in this track. Definitely check her out. We're really looking forward to following Floeret's journey. Click below to stream 'No Te Enamores de Nadie'.



EAR CANDY - Take My Dreams Away

Ringwood, United Kingdom

EAR CANDY is the "brainchild of producer/singer/songwriter Jamie Jordan". His latest release titled 'Take My Dreams Away' fills our ears with indie pop through the energy of the melodies, guitars and drums. We picked up the lyrics really quickly which highlighted the catchyness of lyrics. Although the track is is a great pop anthem, it's important to highlight the philosophy behind its words. "there is always that person who is always there to suck away all of your hopes and dreams and think they know what's best." dedicating the track to those people. Definitely a track to lift your mood! We love it, so we've put it in at Number this week and cannot wait to hear more from EAR CANDY. Great work.



DREW HUNTER - Broke No More

Denver, United States

Credit - David Shimenko

Singer, songwriter, and musician Drew Hunter from Denver, United States has recently released his latest track titled

'Broke No More'. Opening with soft 80s inspired synths followed by emerging trap beats I was enticed by the feel of this track. The vocals soon join just at the right time. Drew Hunter's vocals are reminiscent of the late 'Juice Wrld' with a hint of The Weeknd in the opening production.

As the track progresses we hear an amazing integration of emo rock through the introduction of heavy electric guitar and screamo backings. This track really showed us something experimental and intriguing. We heard the emotion in his vocal performance and really resonated with his artistry, we can't wait to hear more. Go check him out!



JULIANDER - Who Am I Without You

Stokholm, Sweeden

Credit - Etoall

Juliander is a Swedish singer/songwriter from Stockholm is also a multiinstrumentalist and producer. "Who Am I Without You" Juliander's second release of the year from his forthcoming debut album which is all set for release this year. We thought that his vocal style in this particular release was similar to that of Harry Styles - Who wouldn't love that? An absolutely beautiful sound kisses our eardrums with words of pure depth and thought fueled by questions accompanied by a beautifully soft instrumental. We're so excited for his debut album. If you're looking for a laid back pop track definitely go check him out!



Bohardt - This Is What You Wanted

United States, Los Angeles

Credit - Shane Lopes

Full of 80s synths and darkwave influence 'This Is What You Wanted' is a catchy dark pop anthem you can't help but play on repeat. Drawing inspiration from the of darkest places, we find Bohardt's lyrical venture a true reflection of his inner demons. Lyrical themes include everything from toxic relationships, drug abuse, to the eternal chase for self-worth. The combination of dark lyrical content with the pop style upbeat production has caught our attention. We love artists who can combine their darkness with light. Check out Bohardt. Was a pleasure listening to this track.



Kyle Chatham - Once More Round Your Heart

Scotland, United Kingdom

Kyle Chatham is a Scottish Singer-Songwriter who has recently released his new track titled 'Once More Round Of Your Heart'. This song is quite experimental in nature so isn't for everybody but we loved the effort and the tone of his vocals. A mix of soft vocals swirl around in the verses but in the chorus, we hear a husky strong and emotive side to his artistry. He reminded us of more mellowed-down Lewis Capaldi. There's something quite moving when male songwriters come through with raw emotion and strong vocals. We've given Kyle Chatham Number 7 this week. Click the link below to hear for yourselves.



CHANDLER - In The Movies

Alabama, United States

CHANDLER, is a singer-songwriter who has released his second single off his EP, “Brent,” set to drop on May 7th. His latest song 'In The Movies' was released on April 2. It addresses the struggle, the push and pull, of accepting your reality of disappointment when you’re not quite where you wanted to be at a certain stage of your life. This song is catchy with its intimate, acoustic-based arrangements and powerful bass lines. The use of harmonies really brings this track to another level. Click the link below to hear CHANDLER. Great song, great vocals, and encapsulating tone.



Between The Frames - The First Time

York, United Kingdom

'The First Time' is the debut single from 'Between The Frames' an Alternative Pop Rock act that encapsulates the opening scenes of this release with the story of a summer romance. Stating that they take inspirations from Taylor Swift we noted that their style is quite similar to her early works such as 'Love Story'. We love the 80s inspired nature of the track with a hint of Taylor. The track is also similar in production to that of the 1975. Definitely check them out. We're looking forward to the upcoming release of their next EP.



Jonathan Lobo - Magic

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Credit - @wakeanddraw

Magic is the first song written by 'Jonathan Lobo' in 2021. He told us that the track is about someone who brought him excitement, purpose and inspiration. The lyrics tell the tale of two people who met for the first time and the line, “5 more minutes” is a phrase that stuck in his mind as inspiration for the track. The meaning of those words changed over time alongside the relationship. However, he has made it clear to us that the impact and the magic of those words will always remain with him. Opening with a wave of soft guitar layers and later joined by reversed symbols, claps and snare this track has a really earthly feel. We were really interested in hearing more of his work. Check the link below to stream!



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