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Weekly Top 10 Pop 15/04/2022


MIA MORMINO - Alternate Reality

Los Angeles - United States

Credit - Levi Jawara

Independent singer/songwriter, 'Mia Mormino' starts the new year off with an unapologetic track full of the disassociation she feels come to light when life gets hard. On a personal note, I RELATE X 100. Wrapped in a real vibe of productive elements we can't help but LOVE this track from start to end and on repeat. Opening on an ultimate bad bitch level we know what's going down immediately. The lyrics are catchy and relatable - Had enough of life stressing you out? let go with this track - Who are your alter personalities? I have around 9 and they're all having a party right now. TAKE THE NUMBER 1 SPOT! QUEEN.



Lex Gibbon - All I Do (Is Cry)

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Where do we start when it comes to Lex Gibbon?! As well as being a musical artist, Lex was the first curve teen model to walk London, Paris, New York, and LA fashion weeks. Lex is currently on her UK School tour promoting her upcoming single ‘All I Do (Is Cry)’, where she also gives talks on mental health awareness, anti-bullying, and body image- all themes that Lex also champions on her TikTok profile (42.2k Followers). It doesn't stop there! She has seen huge amounts of support from media outlets such as ITV and BBC Introducing and was also involved in a partnership earlier this year with Anne Marie to mark the release of her new book ‘You Deserve Better’. This track sounds a lot like Ciao adios Ann Marie and IDGAF Dua Lipa - VIBES ALL ROUND. Juxtaposed with her last release titled ‘Dear Hater’, ‘All I Do (Is Cry)’ is an introduction to a more vulnerable side to Lex as she describes her experiences with heartbreak. At only 17 years old I've got to say, this young lady has an admirable strong mind and a massive desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Having been badly bullied from a young age, Lex understands how this can impact mental health and the devastating effect it can have on all aspects of life. Through her music she wants to help and inspire others to believe they can achieve anything and hats off to her, she's making moves to do so. On a personal note, as a plus-sized woman who was also bullied from a young age, I can say categorically that this young star has inspired me as well as others. Well done girl, keep glowing.



Jordan Jones - Stumble

Edmonton, Canada

Credit - Fontaine Lewis

Jordan Jones is back with his latest release 'Stumble'. Taking influence from artists such as 6black, Justin Bieber, Blackbear, The Weekend, and Halsey, we can hear those influences in this track, mainly Justin Beiber's 'Sorry' era. Jordan told us that STUMBLE is about being in love in a new relationship and the importance of having open and honest communication. We all make mistakes in a relationship so STUMBLE is about being accountable for those mistakes and having open communication to level up together. Click the link below to hear for yourselves!



Keyes - Only You

Melbourne, Australia

'Only You' is the latest release from female singer-songwriter/producer/pianist, Keyes. This artist takes influence from a range of artists from Lady Gaga, Major Lazer and Majid Jordan, to Prince, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury. This inspired her love for the retro and 80s style music influence that appears in her music. She told us that "As cliche as it sounds, I just want to have fun doing what I love to do most, and share that enjoyment with everyone through my music." and we can definitely hear that through her productions. We loved the nature of this track and we think that you will too! Use the button below to stream 'Only You' now!



Dominick Raffaele - Breathe

Massapequa, United States

Credit - Dominick Raffaele

Dominick Raddaele has recently released his new song 'Breathe'. Home to a futuristic opening - catchy hook and 80s inspired synth keys this is a slow-burning, dark, entrancing production. Very haunting vocals inflated by the sweeping of backing vocals. This song has a simple but necessary message -

"For anyone who has ever felt like giving up.

For anyone who has ever felt not enough.

For anyone who smiles when they want to cry.

For anyone who carries way too much.

For anyone who lost their way.

For anyone who just needed a break.

For anyone who had a bad day.

For me.

For you.


It's gonna be okay."



Fonteray - Floating Through My Head

Brunswick, Australia

Credit - Benjamin Buratto

Fonteray’s latest project ‘Floating Through My Head’ expands on his unique blend of groovy, dreamy sounds that were given to us in his first two singles. This song continues to showcase the artist's adoration for slinky basslines, vibrant synthesizers, and a production style that integrates modern and vintage sounds. The track took shape during Melbourne's extensive lockdowns, before finally being laid down in January 2022 in an Abbotsford music studio with longtime collaborator Michael Beslar. The rest of this year is shaping up to be an exciting one for Fonteray, with another single already underway, debut live performances booked and an EP also on the horizon. Use the link below to hear it!



AMARA CTK100 - Win / Sin

London, United Kingdom

Credits - Photographer: Ashley Rommelrath @asherlloyd VHS: Ashley Rommelrath @asherlloyd Stylist: Luca Wowczyna @lucawowczyna Hair: Kiara Scorzelli @kiarascorzelli MUA: JAYDE @jaydecoxon Clothes: @ 150mg_ , @, @paulacanovasdelvas

AMARA CTK100 is back with her latest release titled 'Win / Sin'. With an extremely distinctive artistic style, from the London internet Underground Pop, singer-producer Amara ctk100 blurs the lines in a unique mix of Pop, R&B, internet culture and Indie. We were told that this track is "about staying in your own lane, doing your own thing and winning whilst you're doing it." Having listened to her productions we were really intrigued and in awe of this artist and this track in particular due to the clear switch between electro-pop and RnB within this production. Amara is a talent to be watched as we believe she's going to hit the spotlight massively soon.



DULCIE - My Body

Birmingham, United Kingdom

DULCIE made our Top 10 RnB last week with 'Medicate Me' and has now made this week's Top 10 Guitar Riffs with 'My Body'. This track is full of the energy of electro-pop/Rnb and takes funk/disco elements from the inspiration of artists such as Dua Lipa and Doja Cat. Making a statement on the issues many women face, such as objectification and sexual harassment, DULCIE's vision is to not only destroy the stigma surrounding them but empower her female listeners to reclaim their own bodies and sexuality in a feel-good, body-positive way. Keep doing Brum Proud girl.




Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Oliver Endahl

Bradley Denniston has blessed us with a preview of his upcoming release titled 'Stolen Love'. This track is to be released tomorrow so make sure you presave it to be one of the first to hear it! This song blesses us with a blend of soul, pop, funk and a banging hook. With all of the accolades and accomplishments under Denniston’s belt, including Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe, and Emmy nominated work, this solo career is definitely something to be on the lookout for. Having produced, mixed, and mastered this track himself we decided to give him a spot in our Top 10 Pop this week! Make sure you follow his distribution platforms to keep up to date with his releases!



Enoka - More Than Friends


Swedish Pop Artist 'Enoka' is back with a brand new studio release titled"More Than Friends". Combining elements of warmth primarily found in RNB, the vocals have a distinctive sound when combined with the pop melodies which accompany them. This track offers an 80s feel through its synth bassline and the vocals are also very reminiscent of 80s pop through the strong use of reverb at the start of the track. Both the vocal style and the production of the instrumental reminded us of Madonna's early works. One for your Friday night pre-drinks playlist! Check Enoka out now via the link below!



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