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Updated: Jul 23, 2022



Candy Riot – Only You

Austin, TX, United States

‘Only You’ is 100% added to my playlist! Overflowing with synth-pop sensibilities, that I do think has been missing from modern day music, thus taking us back to the decade of the eclectic 80’s!

This track screams a good vibe for any 80’s new wave fan looking for something new and fresh but with an old familiar feeling. The vocals uncannily resemble one of music’s biggest icons... David Bowie and I was completely shook, it’s like listening to the legend himself! Now add a little Duran Duran spice to the mix and we have the distinctive dynamic duo Candy Riot!



Ålesund – Harry’s Song

Bristol, United Kingdom

Credit - Alba Torriset

Ålesund originated from Bristol and consists of four talented musicians; Alba Torriset blesses us with her ever so-gorgeous vocals as well as her skills on the keyboard, Lloyd Starr excites us with the guitar and synth while Jake Bright brings the bass, and Jai Widdowson-Jones gives us the drumbeat. Alesund holds haunting cinematics, a funky instrumentation with a very atmospheric sound. ‘Harry’s Song’ is one I could hear within a horror musical such as ‘Phantom of The Opera’ holding that dramatic, romantic fantasy sound, upon listening I did think… this is one song that’s missing from the ‘Twilight Saga’!



Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends, David Myhr – Strange Times Boogie

Stockholm, Sweden

Credit - Malin Floryd-Welin

This brand new solo project surfaced in summer of 2020 and has a super bouncy boogie woogie swing, which I do think must be influenced by The Beatles, and with David Myhr adding layers of vocals to the mix, adds a fuller and vibrant vibe. One thing I do love hearing throughout this track are the undertones of honky tonk country, a boot scooting, hip swaying, hat tipping song! I can envision this in a country and western movie, walking into a salon during the jive / line dance scene, where everyone is feeling good, smiling happy and dancing merrily.



Teddy Clarke – Stick & Poke

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Rachel Kiki

Teddy Clarke has released his fourth single ‘Stick & Poke’ and I love it, this is definitely a teen movie soundtrack tune! Clarke’s sound is totally infused with a traditional Indie vibe and an upbeat pop sound but adding his own funky spin to the genres; he sings with soft harmonies and a London twang, a bopping bassline and a stomping drumbeat. Teddy wrote this song during lockdown with a message of how social media can have a negative impact on ones mental health and I think this is something we all experienced during lockdown and only having social media.



Herald K – Arethusa

Vienna, Austria

Credit - (c) Funky Eye

Herald K is a Norwegian singer / songwriter based in Vienna Austria and is currently preparing 10 new tracks under the title ‘Mythologies’ and from this is the first release ‘Arethusa’! Holding a very smooth and folky acoustic while telling a story in a lightly sung narrative tone. This is one to close your eyes and fade away whilst you listen to the love story that is inspired by Greek mythology about a nymph, Arethusa who fled her home in Arcadia beneath the blue sea. I adore what he’s done here and I’m so intrigued to hear the upcoming album.



Holiday In Tokyo – White Marquee

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Credit - DJMPhotography

Holiday In Tokyo have gifted us with an ever so smooth and swaying single ‘White Marquee’, this song shares memories while reminiscing through the lyrics and it is truly beautiful. A soft acoustic pick on the guitar as the song starts with soft harmonies, before continuing with a deep bass and a simple yet effective drumbeat, both adding more depth to the slow song. This track references other musical influences such as The Jam and Paul Weller as well as Paul Simon, a little detail I really enjoyed as I do always wonder myself, what does inspire the artists lyrics?



Pizza Crunch – Wilting Youth

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Credit - Graham Noble

Destined to find each other Pizza Crunch originate from different ends of Scotland and came to embrace their influences together, they are also known as one of Glasgow’s most exciting exports.

The intro of this song is short, sweet and sudden, throughout its entirety it is extremely energetic, instantly getting you excited and making you want to get up, jump around and dance! This brand new release ‘Wilting Youth’ really reminds me of an iconic post punk new wave track called ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by the quite influential Joy Division. I insist you give these guys a listen!



The Qwarks – The Dog Ate My Homework

Brighton, United Kingdom

The Qwarks hail from Brighton but have travelled all over reaching many fans as well as gaining new ones globally along the way with their unusual and unique sound. Starting big and bold by introducing the chorus for their opener which gets you singing along instantly then continuing with fast paced versus’, a bold breakdown before kicking back into the chorus. Throughout the entirety of the song ‘The Dog Ate My Homework’ it keeps that bouncy, punk sound and I do ever so slightly get Ska / Punk vibe too. An absolute tune that you can’t help sing along too!



Welcome Strawberry – No One Online

Oakland, CA, United States

Credit - Joshua Hong

With a weirdly unique yet fun name Welcome Strawberry, you will not forget them! This Alternative duo are based in Oakland CA and they have done many collaborations with other artists. Coming at us with an over driven force with their new single ‘No One Online’, featuring a distorted wash of guitar, a standard yet punchy drumbeat and faded vocals, like an echo thus telling me it is very much about expressing the music and introducing their sound, giving us a taste of what's to come. This short, snappy song is full of attitude and needs to be played loudly!



Route 500 – Not Today

Brighton, United Kingdom

Credit - Carlos Garcia

From Brighton, Route 500 are a contemporary rock band that are making themselves known within the scene and with influences such as Radiohead, Red House Painters and Adrianne Lenker, no wonder that particular rock sound flows through this track, especially with the use of dynamic and lo-fi sound. Musically illustrating the highs and lows of life that reaches out to all individuals, connecting with the lyrics on ones own personal level. This is a song you can sing to and cry too! Route 500 are currently recording a debut album that is scheduled to grace us early next year, 2023.





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