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WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?! CHART- Hip Hop/Rap/R&B 19/08/2022

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Number 1

Elion Melody - Red Mercedes II

New York, USA

Opening up this week’s edition of underground bangers sees Elion Melody enter the scene with his latest track, ‘Red Mercedes II’.

This is a perfect end-of-summer tune, in my opinion. It holds all the elements of a summer anthem, with the longevity to be played long into the autumn and winter seasons. The commercial values are present along with the authentic qualities in the vocal performance.

A piece of work to be proud of from the emerging New Yorker.

Number 2

Proklaim - Jester

Windhoek, Namibia

Proklaim reintroduces himself to this list with another sequence of hard hitters, this time his new track, ‘Jester’.

Although Proklaim has yet to bless Spotify and other major platforms with his presence, SoundCloud has not been deprived, and what we see from his new track is another onslaught of bars.

The Namibian is renowned across the underground scene for his ability to build a song from the ground up using progressive lyricism. He adapts well to any beat he works with and, honestly, never lets that diminish.

If you think ‘Jester’ deserves the top spot on this week’s list, don’t be shy and vote it number 1 in the poll below!

Number 3

Dré Anthony - Shining

Toronto, Canada

In at number 3 this week we have Toronto artist, Dré Anthony and his latest release, ‘Shining’.

This is a perfect example of the modern-wave sound blending with cultural backgrounds. Anthony isn’t afraid to represent his roots and let it bleed into what he is passionate about. His modification into the new-wave sound is not forced either, he epitomises all the positives of that bracket and mixes all factors to create a truly captivating sound.

A really impressive song all-round!

Number 4

J Cru, Carrington, The Lil Hazy - Blue

Los Angeles, USA

More of a mellow vibe greets us at number 4 this week, with the trio collaboration of J Cru, Carrington and The Lil Hazy dropping ‘Blue’.

This beat accomodates all of their styles, which are not the same. We get a real sense for each of their individual qualities in this track, and how they can synergise that to make a truly endearing listen. There is something for everyone to enjoy, and even an alteration in the beat towards the end to add further emphasis based on different styles.

A versatile addition to this week’s list and a triplet of artists to keep a sharp eye out for!

Number 5

Desmond Parson - Love You For Life

Washington D.C., USA

Washington D.C. artist, Desmond Parson induces us with some romantic vibes on his new track, ‘Love You For Life’ in at number 5 this week.

The instrumental for this is unique. It is mellow but full of energy and allows Parson to showcase his talent. His voice is powerful and perfect for this type of vibe. You should find yourself listening to this one over and over; it has all the aspects required for necessary replay value, ie. The production quality. There has evidently been a great deal of effort invested in the production between the beat, vocals, backing vocals, and mix/mastering. Everything is on point here.

Number 6

Josy B - Crybaby

Los Angeles, USA

A second Los Angeles addition takes place on this week’s list with Josy B and her latest track, ‘Crybaby’.

The production is something to note yet again, similar to Parson’s ‘Love You For Life’, the commercial elements have all been enhanced and Josy’s vocals have been placed perfectly to leave space for additional soundbites in the track.

Josy clearly has a lot of vocal talent and I’m impressed that she used that chance gracefully to showcase it on this track.

Number 7

Ceyeo - Summer Love

Chicago, USA

In at number 7 we have Chicago artist, Ceyeo and their brand new single, ‘Summer Love’.

The inclusion of the sax as core instrument on this song is fitting, as it carries a jazz theme with it. Ceyeo refers to the concept of a “summer love”, not tying to any sort of permanent commitment but rather enjoying oneself and having fun. It is a light-hearted song with a fun theme and playful sequence.

Definitely an artist to keep an eye out for!

Number 8

Jõviky - Intervention

Los Angeles, USA

LA rapper, Jõviky gave us some new work of his to listen to with his single, ‘Intervention’.

This song fits into the aforementioned ‘new wave’ theme we previously spoke about. The pattern of the beat compliments that kind of style, and Jõviky does a good job at riding it well, taking a lively approach to his flow and tone. He switches it up often and doesn’t let the track feel dragged out, it’s an engaging listen all round.

If you think Jõviky and ‘Intervention’ deserve this week’s top spot, don’t forget to vote it in the poll below!

Number 9

Janna Pelle - Ever

Sullivan County, NY, USA

A more experimental addition to the list this week sees Sullivan County artist, Janna Pelle enters with her new brand new release, ‘Ever’.

Pelle incorporates the piano as a core element to her style here, yet still maintaining that bounce required, and combining it all to produce something quite catchy. The most impressive thing is that she built this song herself from the ground up. She is a talented musician in all departments and has truly created a masterpiece here.

A serious emerging talent to watch for sure!

Number 10

EL-Tan, Danilu - 8teen

London, United Kingdom

Bringing the list to a close this week is Zambian-born artist, EL-Tan and his collaboration with Danilu for ‘8teen’.

The versatility we witness in EL-Tan’s craft is captivating. There is no shortage on his ability to switch it up when needed, and this is another artist who produces his own songs from scratch, not an easy feat when you consider the arsenal of instruments he is utilising with his style.

As authentic as his sound is, he still manages to covet it in that commercial gloss, making it a sure favourite among all potential audience members.

A great piece of work to close us out this week. If it’s your favourite, don’t forget to let us know in our poll!



NUMBER 1 - Dré Anthony - Shining

NUMBER 2 - Jõviky – Intervention

NUMBER 3 - Elion Melody - Red Mercedes II

NUMBER 4 - Proklaim – Jester

NUMBER 5 - J Cru, Carrington, The Lil Hazy – Blue

NUMBER 6 - Desmond Parson - Love You For Life

NUMBER 7 - Josy B – Crybaby

NUMBER 8 - Janna Pelle – Ever

NUMBER 9 - EL-Tan, Danilu - 8teen

NUMBER 10 - Ceyeo - Summer Love


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