WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?! CHART - Hip Hop/Rap/R&B 26/08/2022

Updated: Sep 10

Number 1

Elan Suave - One More Chance

New York, United States

Beginning our list this week we bring you upcoming artist, Elan Suave and his brand new single, ‘One More Chance’.

This is a refreshing sound with a catchy, rhythmic bounce. Suave incorporates his cultural flow nicely into this one, balancing his tone to give the necessary respect required to the instrumental.

Suave has already had a song accumulating one million streams on Spotify, and another with half a million, and judging by the approach he’s taken to this one, he undoubtedly has a chance of being on course to reach one of those feats again with this track.

Number 2

Lowkey 718 - WHAT U WANT

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Following in at number two, we have Lowkey 718 and his latest banger, ‘WHAT U WANT’.

There are plenty of hiphop alumni you could pinpoint when describing Lowkey’s sound, the one that most vividly pops to mind for me is Tory Lanez. There is a clear versatility, not only in Lowkey’s flow, but his tone and cadence. These are elements that make Lanez so good at what he does, and Lowkey seems to have taken inspiration from that ability, with his own unique twist.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from him, and he’s certainly an artist to keep a peeled eye out for!

Number 3

Billy Reeves - CAPRI MOON

Melbourne, Australia

Number three leads us to Australia with emerging rapper, Billy Reeves and his track, ‘CAPRI MOON’.

There are clear factors to appreciate here if you are (likely) a J. Cole fan. The track is lyric-heavy with a consistent consciousness of descriptive, progressive storytelling. The flow speeds up rapidly at points, but not solely for the purpose of sounding impressive on the ear, but to showcase his ability to switch it up when needed. It’s a nice touch!

Don’t forget, if Billy Reeves and ‘CAPRI MOON’ is the track that stands out for you this week, don’t be afraid to vote it at number one on our poll below!

Number 4

Trav B Ryan, Rxdeboy - Self Love

New York, USA

Making a return to our charts this week sees Brooklyn rapper, Trav B Ryan take centre stage with his new single, ‘Self Love’, alongside Rxdeboy.

Ryan always gives us plenty to think about when he drops a new anthem upon us, those thought particularly regard how he hasn’t skyrocketed as of yet. His popularity is ever growing, though, as he currently holds himself in high esteem, sitting pretty at just over 31,000 monthly listeners.

This track has the commercial gloss that is so sought after by labels and radio stations, it is such an established sound. It adds further mileage to a catalogue that Ryan is sure to be proud of at this stage in his career, and a prelude for a lot more to come!

Number 5

ET, Yung Xiim - Last Laugh

Willimantic, USA

Coming through on an ever-evolving quantity of new wave rappers, ET looks to stand out; this time with his latest collaboration with Yung Xiim to create ‘Last Laugh”.

The beat on this is a catchy one, it is t overwhelming and possesses a mellow, yet slightly dark vibe. The track addresses those who laughed at ET when she started out, but as she continues to make strides in her life and respective ambitions, she finds herself laughing at those who mocked her, hence getting the “last laugh”.

It is a clever and well-laid-out track, and one that promises to be built upon by the emerging artist!

Number 6

Jamie C and Justin X - Sun Comes Up

Exeter, UK

A bit of UK garage to get us in the mood here at number six, with Jamie C and Justin X bringing us their new song, ‘Sun Comes Up’.

I’m extremely impressed to see a song of this quality, in this genre at underground level. It reminds me of the infamous ‘Ladbroke Grove’ by AJ Tracey, and even holds a similar pattern to an extent. The vocals are at an appropriate level, as this genre demands respect for its instrumentals. However, as I alluded to previously, it is rare that these tracks hold this degree of quality at such a premature level.

I hope to hear a lot more from the pair going forward, I already have this one on repeat!

Number 7

Comic, Dval - Heartbreak

Detroit, USA

In at number seven this week we have Detroit rapper, Comic, and his new track, ‘Heartbreak’ alongside Dval.

The instrumental on this is such a vibe in itself. The sample is majestic and not overpowering, it doesn’t take away from any of the vocal quality performed by the duo.

Evident by the title, the song deals with the harsh reality of heartbreak, however, it takes a very unique twist on that. Comic role-plays as the individual who’s being cheated on, while Dval is interpreted as the guy on the side. We get to understand both perspectives of the situation and get a true feel for the toll that can take on each respective party, each seeking intimate importance at the end of it all.

‘Heartbreak’ is a truly impressive piece of work by the upcoming pair of artists and one they should be proud of. If you like it, perhaps you should vote it number one in our poll below!

Number 8

BC Roadz - B00!

Utah, USA

Fastly approaching Halloween 2022, we’re on the hunt for some tunes with that spooky factor, and we already have our top contender with Utah rapper, BC Roadz and his track, ‘B00!’.

When you initially hear the beat kick in, you already get the feeling it’s going to be a standout hit, and the flow is so unpredictable throughout that it just fits its theme so well. In my eyes, this track is not missing anything and it’s hard to fault Roadz for what he is trying to accomplish here.

If this song was merely the instrumental alone, I would still find myself listening to it, however, Roadz has found a way to one-up that. Great work all round by the upcoming Salt Lake City artist!

Number 9

Susy K - Hear It From Her

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh singer, Susy K offers us her latest piece of work, ‘Hear It From Her’ as our penultimate addition for the week.

There is deep meaning embedded within this track. What it seems is that the singer is alluding to a case of being cheated on, and not hearing it from your partner, but rather from the person who was used on the other end. It is a harsh, but relative scenario for many, and one I’m sure was and will be used as a relative escape for those who have experienced it.

The vocal performance is breathtaking, even Susy’s ability to slow down her pace when necessary and adapt to a more controlled rhythm. An excellent, worthwhile listen!

Number 10

Ori Shlez, Joy Ng - The One

Tel Aviv, Israel

Providing our concluding track for this week’s list is Israeli artist, Ori Shlez and his collaboration with Joy Ng on ‘The One’.

This is a more relaxing tune than we are used to seeing on these lists, yet I am not complaining whatsoever. It does not matter at what pace you decide to carry your song, as long as the respective tempo carries the necessary factors to make it a standout track in its bracket, which this one certainly does.

The collaboration of Ori Shlez and Joy Ng is as good as you are going to see in this genre. They bounce off each other’s rhythms well, and synergise their different, yet equally emphatic sets of energy to further enhance the track. A truly impressive creation from the pair on this occasion!

WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?! CHART - Hip Hop/Rap/R&B 26/08/2022 - VOTE

  • Elan Suave - One More Chance

  • Lowkey 718 - WHAT U WANT

  • Billy Reeves - CAPRI MOON

  • Trav B Ryan, Rxdeboy - Self Love