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Wild Horse's Latest Single "Angles" is an Indie Classic That Will Make You Smile

Image of the Wild Horse band

Wild Horse is bringing it hard. The band’s latest single, ‘Angles,’ is a beautiful song that hits every note you need it to. From 3 seconds in it’s an indie classic, and from that point on you let yourself go, getting lost in the waves of melody and those cotton harmonies.

‘Angles’ feels like an Arctic Monkeys’ track if they weren’t moping around all the time. It’s bright, full of colour and it needs to move. Wild Horse have honed a sound that is tight and fresh. The three piece know how to spin a tale into a tune and hold you there with it. The verse brings you in close, you get to know the vocals that will soon blow you away in the chorus. It's honest, homely — it’s impossible to keep the smile off your face. That’s exactly when the chorus hits. BOOM! Another wave of great vibes. Pastels, sherbert, glitter and gold. Wild Horse have nailed it with ‘Angles.’ Expect to see their name often and hear their sound even more. Perfect.



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