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Wotts' 'Blue': A Spectrum of Melodies - A Lo-Fi Shoegaze Journey into Colorful Optimism

Wotts impresses with their latest single, ‘blue.’ And what a single it is. For a song named ‘blue,’ there is so much colour to be found within its melodies. The track sits in that new-found lo-fi/shoegaze subgenre but has a chipper side. It’s upbeat, full of sun and smiles. The beat is what catches you first; it’s strong, full of body and a touch of swing. It takes the melody in the back and makes it tangible, it’s thick and warm and flows like butterfly wings. The vocals set in overtop and gosh, they fit the mood with a perfect tone. They sweep with the swing, come up with the melody and harmonise with the synth. As soon as the chorus comes around, you’re settled into the groove right alongside everything else. The track beats with you, sings with you, and you are taken away into a great blue sky.

‘blue’ knows its strengths and it plays to them. That makes it one heck of a strong song. It's the beat and the melody dancing about it — it’s the textures in the synth and how they mesh with those in the vocal. It’s how the whole song hums like a tuning fork. It’s a bounty of tone, and I think you’ve earned your share. Jump into the world of Wotts and enjoy some ‘blue.’



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