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Zack Zaro Unveils His Emotional Landscape With New Single 'E.T.A.'

Zack_Zaro_Profile: "Zack Zaro, the emotional storyteller behind the new single 'E.T.A.

An Introspective Take on Love and Presence, Wrapped in Guitar-Driven Poetic Pop

Zack Zaro's new single "E.T.A." serves as an emotional compass that points to the often overlooked element in relationships: presence. The song encapsulates the paradox of rushing through moments to reach an imagined destination, only to realize what's being lost along the way.

Background & Bio: Born and raised in the backdrop of New York City's vibrant music scene, Zack Zaro's journey as a musician is anything but ordinary. With friends in high places like Ross Newhouse and Wise John, Zaro crafted "E.T.A." to sound like a Ross Newhouse production, marrying raw emotion with subtle musical complexity.

Musical Influences: Drawing inspiration from iconic musicians like John Mayer, Theo Katzman, James Bay, Ray Lamontagne, and Jeff Buckley, Zack Zaro has created a unique sonic realm that lies at the intersection of alternative pop, rock, and poetic storytelling.

Notable Achievements: Zaro has graced multiple esteemed stages, from Lincoln Center to the National Theater in Washington DC, and even appeared on the TV show Wonderama. But perhaps the most surreal moment was when a bartender at Berlin Under Ave A compared him to Jeff Buckley, one of his musical heroes.

About The Single: "E.T.A." delves into the complexities of love, exploring how focusing on a dream can obscure the present reality. With Ross Newhouse in production, Samuel Gaff on drums, Wise John on keyboards, Liam Cashin on bass, and a mix and master by Kevin Anne Dye and Andrew Goldring, the song is a harmonious blend of vulnerability and musical craftsmanship.

Critical Acclaim: The single has already received glowing reviews. Indie Boulevard praised it as "cinematic and pleasing to the ear," while Pop Passion Blog noted the song's beautiful writing and the talent that went into it.

Conclusion: With "E.T.A.," Zack Zaro reminds us all to remain present and cherish the journey, not just the destination. It's an essential listen for anyone who has ever been in a relationship and found themselves lost in what could have been, rather than what is.


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