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Benjamin David's "Divine" Takes You on an Exciting Musical Journey with a Touch of Soul

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Benjamin David performing on stage

Benjamin David brings the energy of the stage into your headphones. His latest single, ‘Divine,’ is a void of sound at first. A quiet dripping of melody begins to echo about the space. Benjamin David’s vocal sits solitary, alone, calling for colour to grace the bleakness. It does. The track explodes. Bass throws, cymbal crashes, layered vocal harmonies and a pulsing rhythm. The melody works its way into your spine and you begin to move, there’s no stopping it. The lyrics make all the sense in the world now, you are taken by them. You are lost in the space, once empty, now scattered with sound.

‘Divine’ is a journey. Rock with a touch of soul and cinematic vibes. It's big, it's bold and it’s exciting. Benjamin David holds a sound in his music that is gearing up to unleash great tunes at the drop of a hat. ‘Divine’ is musical expression paired with a flare for storytelling. Mesmerising.



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