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"2:45" by Shades of Oleander: A Dream-Infused Melodic Pop Rock Experience

Album cover for "2:45" by Shades of Oleander
Album cover for "2:45" by Shades of Oleander
"2:45" by Shades of Oleander: A Quirky Dream-Inspired Journey in Indie Rock

In the realm of indie rock, it's not uncommon for artists to draw inspiration from the depths of their personal experiences. However, Shades of Oleander's single "2:45" ventures into uncharted territory by turning a bizarre dream into music.

Originating from a Craigslist ad in 2020, the Shades of Oleander trio, consisting of Josh Rivers (lead vocals, keys), Phillip McCarthy (lead guitar), and Josh Foust (drums, vocals), bring together a fusion of influence from the indie rock genre. The band's journey, marked by resilience in the face of industry-wide setbacks and a global pandemic, echoes in their music - a blend of raw emotion and refined artistry.

"2:45" is not your typical indie rock track. Its creation was inspired by a dream. Yes, a dream. One where Leadman Rivers is in a frantic dash to the hospital with his partner in labour. The song captures the chaos and surrealism of the moment. This narrative backbone adds an unexpected layer to the composition, weaving a tale that's intensely personal yet universally relatable.

"2:45" features a blend of alternative rock and melodic pop partnered with catchy hooks from River. Expect the guitar work of McCarthy's to bring a dynamic layer to the composition, hazy and crisp. Foust's rhythmic precision on drums binds the piece, giving it a heartbeat that resonates with the urgency of the story in hand.

In a nutshell, "2:45" is an audacious and brilliantly executed piece of music. For aficionados of indie rock looking for something that defies convention yet resonates with familiarity, "2:45" is an essential listen.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a listen below and see what you think!

Genres: Indie, Melodic Pop Rock, Rock n' Roll, Rock Pop, Alternative Rock

Mood: Dreamy, Quirky, Captivating

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