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A.R.B. - Magic In You

Updated: Feb 8, 2023


Magic In You

Toronto, Canada

Sometimes it's not enough to have a song to laugh to, to cry to, to chill out and slip away to. Sometimes you’ve gotta dance. It's that feral emotion within us that takes us back millions of years. To move to a beat is innate and you will always get the urge, no matter who you are or where you are. On the subject of dancing, here’s an amazing new track that will get you moving: A.R.B.’s ‘Magic In You.’ It's a song that plays with synth, sub-bass and amazing beats to create an infectious melody. The woodwind pipes keep it light and the vocals keep the song pacing on towards that breakdown, where the true beat hits your chest, sending you flying onto the dance floor, breaking out your Sunday best.

A.R.B. have outdone themselves here. ‘Magic In You’ is a brilliant and eclectic track that will get absolutely everyone in the right vibe for a good night. An impressive display of melodic beat work. Mesmerising.


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