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Okay, let’s get heavy with it. The beautiful and full tones of Baby Schillaci have birthed an all-new track, filled to the brim with angst, plying the bass from the walls as it rattles and thrums. ‘SO BAD,’ certainly isn’t. It’s a fantastic single that plays with the ideals of punk but flips them on their heads. They come at the problem with full force, but not anger. No, with energy. The song is on fire. The instrumental moves as one gargantuan rocking alligator, rearing its ugly head, waiting to chomp. Beside it, the vocals, calm, cool, collected. Suave one might say. Then the chorus hits, and all needs of being cool fly out the window. The light glares down with intense flares as the song kicks into overdrive.

‘SO BAD’ moves at the pace of a cheetah with the strength of a bison. A musical powerhouse if ever I heard one. Sublime from end to end.



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