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Acoustic, Indie Rock & Guitar Riffs



Yardlander - Grow/Change

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Georgia Koronka

Yardlander, is a 4-piece London rock band.

Grow/Change is the first of a set of songs that were recorded and produced by the band themselves. The song is about the process of beginning again from rock bottom, and understanding what needs to be left behind to move on - "I will grow and I will change, but not in this place". I was instantly moved by this track, sometimes music just hits you, and this was one of those tracks. You can feel the pain in the lyrics, in their voices, and in their art as a whole. The way that the piece progresses offers something deeply uplifting. I really connected with this one and so I decided to add it to my personal playlist - Tamara Jenna's Top Picks. Definitely check them out by clicking the link below.



Cris Cap, Tyla Raé- Like a Rose (Acoustic Version)

Duesseldorf, Germany

Credit - Evie Shaffer and Xheni Cuni

This track spoke to my soul, it completely encapsulated me as an artist and as a listener through its soulful and romantic feel. The vocals are stunning and the lyrics are so full of soul. I love the message behind the piece. The harmonies work really well along with the acoustic warmth that wraps around your soul. This had to take the Number 1 spot this week, no questions. The artists' vocals compliment each other so beautifully separately and when fused together. This is a faultless piece of pure beauty. Make sure that you click the link below to hear it. - You can also find it on our TJPLNEWS Playlist as well as Tamara Jenna's Top Picks.



Daniel Bellegarde - Pastourelle

Montréal, Canada

Daniel Bellegarde is a percussionist, composer, and researcher who is fascinated by history. Continuing the work of his Grandfather, Windsor Bellegarde, who wrote a book about the history of Haiti in 1903. Daniel Bellegarde explores the rural ballroom music of Haiti and the French West Indies. Presenting his latest work 'Pastourelle' as a mix of Celtic-Brazilian and Caribbean sound fusion African-European heritage music I was moved by the authenticity of his craft. This is a track that you definitely need to hear!



Danny Bell and His Disappointments - Killing Birds

Prince George, Canada

Credit - Evann Campbell

'Killing Birds’ is the debut single and title track from Danny Bell's upcoming EP. 'His Disappointments’ EP is set for release on the 2nd June. I was really intrigued by this piece, it offers something refreshing and new. Danny Bell is definitely one to watch! 'Killing Birds' is a slow and laidback piece with plenty of feeling. The piece is mixed and mastered to perfection to offer the listener something captivating. "Based on a true story, 'Killing Birds' explores the daily life of a caretaker for an abandoned sawmill," says Danny. "The song guesses at the workers' identity based on the things he leaves behind after his shifts at the mill. The song was inspired by exercise equipment, a blowup mattress, a set of golf clubs, BB guns, and a sign out front that says 'Honk 4 Help.’”

Make sure that you give it a spin by clicking the link below.



Wesley David - Easy for You

Long Beach, United States

Credits - Tyler Miles Photography / Cherish Rider Photography

At face value, 'Easy for You' is a happy-go-lucky anthem from start to finish through the arrangement used. This track is full of melodic guitar strums and catchy riffs, besides this, the lyrics are actually quite dark. The lyrics found in 'Easy For You' allude to a Black Mirror-like tendency to hide in Tech - when life is asking us to not 'wait until we get older. There's a story found in the lyricism of this track, issues of obeying orders give us something to think about. Produced by Thom Flowers in LA (Steve Perry/Journey, The Ataris, Toad the Wet Sprocket) Weseley David has created something that captures a happy vibe and darkness, something that is quite difficult to do.



Stephen Caulfield - The Night Came For You

Reading, United Kingdom

The Night Came For You is an alternative ambient song about succumbing to the darkness of the night and the temptations that it offers. This track opens with a fusion of slow guitar plucks and sensual strums. I really liked the feeling that the opening created. As the vocals make an entrance the listener is swept away into something hypnotic and sway worthy. 'The Night Came For You' is a track that literally drifts you away into a land of dreams. It is built upon a series of repeating musical phrases and tape loops and offers a development of layers as the track goes on, before the fading of the final vocal loop. I was really impressed by the skill used here.



Ryan Yingst - Incessant

Nashville, United States

Ryan Yingst is a Nashville-based artist, engineer, songwriter, and producer whose discography reflects the diverse incorporation of genres. His musical style integrates elements of rock, soul, folk, electronics, and jazz to create a blend of music that is as authentic as it is unique. His latest release entitled 'Incessant' is a song that like many, started as a poem. It was written by Madison Wrubleski, specifically for Ryan Yingst. The words inspired Ryan to quickly envision the music behind the words which then led to him creating the chorus. This piece combines the performances of friends from keyboards in L.A., drums from Pittsburgh PA, and organ from Nashville TN. It's a track with gorgeously clean guitar riffs, and a great indie rock feel.



Morning Trips - Where Is Your Out?

Walton Beach, Florida, United States

Morning Trips are back with their release entitled 'Where Is Your Out?'. This track opens in high energy through dreamy guitar riffs and drums that are fused together to create a sound that is hard to define. As the track develops we hear elements of techno-inspired synths and heavy metal. This band is extremely experimental and I was taken aback by the authenticity of this band's sound. I can imagine that 'Where Is Your Out?' would completely lift the roof in a live setting. Can't wait to hear more from this band. Click the link below and see what you think!



groan room - holy ravioli!

Salford, United Kingdom

Credit - @thecowghost and Kayleigh Curran Photography

The Manchester indie-rock band, groan room, is back with their latest release entitled ‘holy ravioli! Recorded and produced by Gary Hadfield at Blueprint Studios, Salford in December 2021, 'holy ravioli' is a complete fusion of genres from acoustic folk to heavy rock. The way that the arrangement completely switches up is incredible. We go from a slow folk-inspired acoustic guitar feel to heavy rock and then up another notch to even heavier rock before stripping back to a laid-back indie rock piece. Before we know it, experimental techno synths come into play before the band bring jazz instrumentation into the equation to take you through a completely unprecedented piece of art. 'holy ravioli' is a track that is over six minutes in length and is a whole masterpiece in its own right.



Onism E - Lin Manuel

San Antonio, United States

Credit - Jim McKay

What grabbed my attention in this track was the opening bassline and the guitar riffs. I'm a sucker for a good riff. 'Lin Manuel' is a track that came into fruition during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic where the frontwoman and songwriter 'Eline Chavez' found the need to address the insecurities that the pandemic had brought to the surface. This is another classic example of how music saved us in a world that was so uncertain for so long. Click the link to hear it. This is definitely a piece for lovers of guitar riffs.


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