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Updated: Sep 3, 2022



The Starkillers – Are You Thinking Of Me

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

I loved this instantly!! The new single from The Starkillers is unbelievably mind-blowing! ‘Are You Thinking Of Me’ starts with a beautiful and very melodic guitar riff and an addictive vocal hook as they fool us with a mellow intro before hitting us hard with an absolute banger! This song has a dynamic range of sounds, keeping it exciting. The drums guide the pace throughout the track as the guitars create the energy, the gorgeous vocals shift from soft and sweet to deep and powerful. This song is alluring and is on repeat for the foreseeable future… on full blast!



Ainsley Costello – Someone’s Someone

Nashville, Tn, United States

Ainsley Costello is an upcoming artist who is smashing it! ‘Someone’s Someone’ is Costello’s latest release and it is awesome, I absolutely love it! It’s fun, fresh and new yet holds a familiar sound and not surprising knowing this young ladies musical idols are Hayley Williams, Caitlyn Smith and Taylor Swift! This song has beautiful and empowering lyrics with true meaning that really connects with us listeners, sung with an innocence in the vocals that is bewitching. The drumbeat is infectious alongside a Pop Punk guitar riff both creating so much energy you just want to jump and bounce around!



Gaz – Happy Girl

Barcelona, Spain

Gaz are a Pop – Classic – Rock band with powerful retro guitar riffs and foot tapping, hip swaying grooves. With influences like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Chuck Berry, Gaz strives to create music that is nostalgic to listeners from all generations. Combining Pop and Rock with classic traditions and Rock & Roll features whilst writing lyrics inspired by life experiences adapted into lyrical stories. ‘Happy Girl’ is the brand new release that transports us back in time with that smooth and sexy slide guitar riff and an awesome solo! This is a tune you would hear in biker bar!



Dionne Sturdy-Clow – No Way

Haywood, United Kingdom

Dionne Sturdy–Clow is a young British singer – songwriter who enjoys creating Alternative Rock / Pop and Acoustic art. ‘No Way’ definitely hits these genres as well as holding an old Folk / Country vibe with that boot stomping beat. The vocals are beautifully sweet. I adore the vocal ranges throughout this song expressing the passion within the lyrics that are telling a story, relatable, edgy and super fun to sing along to. It’s a short snappy song, making me want to hear more from her, and I believe she would have so much stage presence in a live performance!



The Macarons Project – never be enough

Victoria, BC, Canada

Ree and Dito are the dynamic duo behind The Macarons Project, their sound combines genres with their own mellow acoustic style. Their latest single ‘never be enough’ is slow, soulful and stunning. Created with a lightly strummed guitar riff that is melodic and sweet sounding lying beautifully beneath the irresistible and angelic vocals singing heartbreaking lyrics that create a sorrowful love story. This is a song you can truly connect with when you’re feeling lost and low, I believe everyone and anyone at some point in their lives can really relate to this song. This one connects with the heart!



DOLL RIOT – Get A Life

Oceanside, United States

Credit - Alex Tchoukhrova

DOLL RIOT are a three piece female Punk band and their brand new release 'Get A Life' holds lots of attitude, lyrically and instrumentally! The drumbeat is excellent, setting the fast pace of the tune throughout and it sounds like the drummer is having an absolute blast! The guitar riff is heavy and harsh following the tone set by the drums, creating an ace Punk Rock vibe you can't resist but to jam along with! The vocals are impressive with such a great vocal range that holds so much sexy attitude with the lyrics that are creative, fun and lively!



Troln – Ghost

Copenhagen, Denmark

Troln’s music is hauntingly beautiful! The latest release ‘Ghost’ is a creation of dark beats that are perfectly paired with melodic lines thus infusing gothic tones with depth and beauty.

The song begins with the sounds of a thunderstorm fading which I feel is an extremely gorgeous and unique introduction, truly setting the tone for the rest of the song. The vocals are phenomenal and rather operatic that captivates you and draws you into the mysterious universe. The drumbeat is simple and steady and the guitar riff is laid back allowing the vocals to be the power of this song.



Evran – I Lie Awake at Night and Wait for You

Bergen, Norway

Evran’s latest release is an atmospheric journey, light and gracious, including sincere lyrics that feel quite personal so it makes you wonder what the story is behind the song. The desire to share his music came from finding old material he had accumulated over the years sparking the passion to rewrite and finish some old material whilst writing new songs. Evran’s music is hard to categorise as he has many influences from different genres and shared “if it has some magic to it, I will pursue it, no matter what the genre” and that to me is a true artist!



DawgGoneDavis, Chago Williams, Romain Duchein – Love’s Boss

Kansas City, United States

Credit - PR

‘Love’s Boss’ is a track that is completely out of the ordinary, weirdly unique, freaky yet fun! This is a musical track that belongs in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, without a doubt. This upbeat tune narrates a story while you are bopping along picturing the theatrical scene with their spoken word music. This unique song has a super swinging drumbeat throughout it’s entirety thus creating that Rock & Roll vibe as the guitar riff is bouncy and energetic, infused with that 1950’s sound this reminding me of Chuck Berry. Totally recommend this if you want to try something new!



Fendahlene – Get over It (Kevin Shirley Mix)

London, United Kingdom

Fendahlene are an Indie / Rock band that are heavily influenced by 60’s and 70’s Rock, Alt-Rock and Alt-Country. The band was formed by two talented musicians Paul Whiteley on vocals and guitar alongside Ashley Hurst on bass before bouncing back with their new tracks with Matt Ingram on drums and Dan Cox behind the desk. Their brand new single ‘Get over It’ gives us the traditional Indie / Rock sensibilities that we love, making it easy to vibe to as well as including their own unique sound making them stand out. An easy listen that you can chill to!



  • The Starkillers – Are You Thinking Of Me

  • Ainsley Costello – Someone’s Someone

  • Gaz – Happy Girl

  • Dionne Sturdy-Clow – No Way

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