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ANDY LOUIS - Lyrics To Her Song

Brooklyn, United States

Credit - Lauren Desberg

The Brooklyn-based pop star on the rise 'Andy Louis' is a solo artist who does it all: vocals, guitar, bass, synth, piano, electronic drums, fx, and production. His newly released single 'Lyrics To Her Song' was recorded and produced in his own bedroom, and unlike many of us artists out there, 'Andy Louis' has managed to hit the nail on the head!

Taking influence from artists such as Daniel Caesar, Mk.Gee and, Photay has seen a soulful element crop up from the roots of this production. A mix of funk, Jazz and soul along with experimental synths make this song one that you can't help but vibe with!



Birmingham & Black Country, United Kingdom

Giant and the Georges is formed by two brothers before growing into a four-piece band Alternative Indie-Rock band! Their latest single ‘Maybe Baby’ will undeniably get stuck in your head with the peculiar yet irresistible sound they’ve made themselves known for. The intro captures you within seconds with a happy, upbeat and divine guitar riff this mellows as the song begins but returns delightfully for the chorus. The drums are simple and steady yet effective giving the song a smooth pace, the bass matches the pace with a soft bopping beat, and the vocals are pure, passionate and perfectly harmonised! (Written by Kira Hughes, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)



Göteborg, Sweden

Credit - Stefan Altvall

Smoke Spider is here with us again at TJPL News and we’re extremely excited about their new single ‘Nervous’! Starting with a guitar riff instantly grabbing your attention as it builds as the drums and bass join, I did enjoy this intro to the track due to the harsh punchy guitar riff making an alluring sound, giving us a nerve-wracking excitement! The drums are bold and booming giving the song a heavy sound as the bass bounces and the electric guitar riffs enthusiastically, making this an energetic tune with super catchy lyrics and vocals that are rock n’ roll infused. (Written by Kira Hughes, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


JACK PHEMISTER - Backwards Sideways

Melbourne, Australia


Jack Phemister has released a wonderful single that is ever so smooth and impactful! ‘Backwards Sideways’ you will adore, I hear Jason Mraz influences vocally with a light, crystal clear calming voice that will instantly soothe you! The angelic vocals are suited sweetly with the instrumental backing that grabs our attention immediately with that rich, sweet yet bold brilliant sound before the lightly picked acoustic guitar joins in with a beautiful melodic tune. All instruments played throughout make for a piece of truly elegant lounge music so passionate, pure and powerful you can imagine the performance in your mind's eye! (Written by Kira Hughes, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)



Pesaro, Italy

Anniballi Davide has created an ever-so-beautiful instrumental with his latest track ‘Interlude’ gifted to us by this phenomenal piano player! Interlude’ has become one of his top tracks since its release, with such a passionate expression, and light yet impactful piano notes playing at a steady pace with an airy mysterious sound that holds a rich and elegant sound. This marvellous musical piece starts with deeply soft notes that captivate you instantly and mesmerises you throughout the entirety of the piece as if you are listening to a story play out with a journey and breakdown of notes forming musical scenes. (Written by Kira Hughes, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


MORAINE - Life In This Haunted House

Baltimore, United States

Credit - Matthew Smith

Now for a bit of nostalgic post-hardcore, grunge meets 90s rock. This addition comes from Baltimore based rock band 'Moraine' in the form of their single 'Life In This Haunted House'. The release marks their first single off their debut record.

The track was produced and mixed by Phillip Odom (Code Orange, Turnover, La Dispute), in a way that captures the band's vision of mixing driving riffs, earworm melodies, and earnestness with their deeply emotional lyrics.

Speaking of the lyrics, Jason of Moraine spoke about his inspiration for creating the song, stating that "Life In This Haunted House' is about going back to the house I grew up in and it being completely silent with no life in it, and the eerie feeling that accompanies such an experience" and that "The song is about facing the past and learning how to move on with your life. It's about seeing a house physically fall apart just like your loved one's mental state."

Upon listening to the piece I felt immediately connected to its eariness both lyrically and within the instrumentation. This is a song that I will have on repeat for a very long time. There's a heavy grittiness and also a calmness to this song that clearly executes the mixed emotions that occur.


SOUR TAFFY - Witch Doctor

Nashville, TN, United States

Credit - Nathaniel Aberdeen

Jazz-Rock-Funk-Blues-Pop is the best way to describe Sour Taffy’s newest single, ‘Witch Doctor’. That is if you have to put a tag on it, which you don’t. All we really need to know is that it’s one hell of a song. Sour Taffy have woven elements of jazz and funk into a heartier rock sound and it pairs like a fine wine with the vocals that flutter throughout the track. The band sounds young and full of energy and brings a lot of fun into their sound, making it a great deal of fun to listen to in return. I can't recommend Sour Taffy enough, breaking onto the scene, trying something new and absolutely nailing it. Think punky Steely Dan, that’s a keeper for sure no? (Written by Freddie Mckee, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


LOU MURPHY - Reckless

London, United Kingdom

French and British singer-songwriter Lou Murphy released her latest single, 'reckless' just a few days ago on October 28th. This seriously relaxing mix of pop and rock is sure to make a great addition to your Sunday and chill day playlists.

Upon first listening to 'reckless' I immediately thought of Oliva Rodgrigo's hit song 'Drivers Licence' due to the piano ballad acoustics. As the composition develops, listeners find a flawless transition between the main melody from keys to guitar.

Make sure that you give the track a spin, it'll get you in your feels for sure!


NICHOLAS ROWE - I Wish That I Could Sing It For You

Newark, United States

Credit - Andy Foster

‘I Wish That I Could Sing It For You’ by Nicholas Rowe is a heart-warming Americana folk staple. The song builds on the classic format with rounder rock tones to deliver a tune that is indulgent. You sway to the beat and melt to the vocals that hold so much character in their cords. There are ebbs and flows but a constant stream of blues brings you all the way home.

‘I Wish That I Could Sing It For You’ must be listened to. You owe it to yourself to have Nicholas Rowe’s voice fill your morning.

The song opens with some crisp acoustic guitars, a melody that winds in the wind but is never quite lost in the distance. The vocals awaken, sitting up from a solemn slumber and regain us with relatable woes in a vocal style that is instantly a favourite. (Written by Freddie Mckee, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


EDE - Red Leaves

Modena-Marsiliana, Italy

Credit - Olga Dischi Volanti-Barbara Rosi

Ede and B. B’s collaboration project concerns the exploration of artistic manifestations brought about by capturing landscapes nature has to offer. They achieved this through the intertwining of the visual and musical components which can be extracted through scenery.

‘Red Leaves’ is the first track produced from this collaboration. We are introduced to a rich soundscape of crushing leaves, really setting the landscape well, and helping the listener visualise the autumnal scenery. The eerie trickle of vocals effectively portrayed the dark and creepy aspects of autumnal photography. The angle gives the illusion of looking out into the abyss and seeing a fading gradient into darkness. Accompanied by those wispy vocals asking, ‘where are you’? successfully conveyed the mysterious themes of the track. (Written by Aimee Stokes, Ranked by Tamara Jenna)


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