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Acoustic, Indie Rock & Guitar Riffs



Sükko - Golden Suits – Acoustic

Norwich, United Kingdom

What can I say about this piece! I don't know where to start. The opening captivated me instantly. #GoldenSuitsAcoustic is one of those pieces of art that absolutely draws every hair on your arms to awaken. The acoustic piano opens the track to set the scene. The imagery of solitude, loneliness, and nature came to mind when hearing the piano progression. Once the vocals join into the mix we hear the language of a soul that had a lot to express. The vocals had me hanging on every single word. As the track builds we hear pure and raw emotion overtake the whole piece and wow I was blown away. If I had to compare the power of these vocals I would compare them to the power of Dermot Kennedy. This week I had a clear Number 1 and it was #Sükko. You need to hear this one!



Bradley Denniston - 15 Minutes To Midnight

Los Angeles, United States

#15MinutesToMidnight combines rock with pop in a fantastic piece that is full of electronic elements as well as a classic rock too! #BradleyDenniston showcases his lyrical skill to create lyrics and vocals that are destined to hit the radio! The mix between a pop vocal and emo rock resembles a similarity to the band #TakingBackSunday. The lead guitar packs a punch with heavy distortion in a mix of electrifying strums, funky basslines, and even heavy solos from the lead guitar - There are many different guitar skills showcased. The sprinkles of dream synths offer a bridge into the realm of pop to create a track that you'll definitely be singing along to! 10/10 from me!



Sam Bucca - You’ll Find

Sydney, Australia

#SamBucca impressed me this week with his latest release 'You'll Find'. Sometimes the most simplistic of compositions speak the loudest - 'You'll Find' is a classic example of this. The simplicity of the acoustic guitar works to compliment the vocals. The vocals aren't powerful by force, they are powerful in their subtleness and in the story that they tell. It was refreshing to hear something so simple yet so effective. As the track enters 2/3 of the way through a quiet hi-hat offers percussion before the track builds louder and louder through the percussion and guitar solos. There is a major switch in a guitar that showcases a funky bassline as well as a beautifully rhythmic lead from an electric guitar. After this somewhat long solo, we hear the vocals recentre the track along with heavy rock performed by the strums of the lead guitar and the drums. The vocals switch again to take us well and truly into the heavy rock that offers screamo! This track has 3 parts to its composition that offer completely different sounds. WOW.




Göteborg, Sweden

#AlongCameJune by #SimonAlexander opens with a mix of acoustic and electric guitar to create one of those tracks that you can't help but love. The vocals are great, showcasing the artists' vocal range and skillful tone. The drum composition remains upbeat and consistent to create something for the rest of the track to follow. The lyrics are catchy and I was singing along to this piece all the way through listening to it. This is a song that is meant for long car journeys in the sun with the family or a group of friends. To close the track we hear a splendid guitar solo that ensures you're left full of energy! 10/10 from me!



Escapades - Look At The Waves

Manchester, United Kingdom

BBC Introducing backed band #Escapades impressed us this week with their not long-released single #LookAtTheWaves. The Manchurians open this track with futuristic synths before quickly dropping them out and introducing a messy and heavy guitar and drum composition. This suddenly changes as the vocals are brought into the track to offer something beautifully crafted. Female and male harmonies bring a unique sound that works well to compliment the tone of each artist. In a swirl of heavy production and lighter production, we get to hear exactly what #Escapades have to offer. I preferred the slower elements that were found in the verses when compared to the messier mix found in the hook. I do love the track though! This had to come in at Number 4 this week!



The Birdland Project - You've Got a Friend

Aspen, United States

#TheBirdlandProject presents a gorgeous rendition of the classic 'You've Got a Friend. #TheBirdlandProject presents something soulful in their version that steers away from the #CaroleKing original but only slightly. This acoustic version offers a piece of raw piano as a basis but doesn't bring anything spectacular in terms of originality. Although originality is lacking here it does not mean that it lacks skill! The skill of this artist is absolutely on point - the vocals are incredible and so is the skillful piano playing. This is a piece that you must listen to! I'm looking forward to hearing more from this artist to find out exactly what her original creativity sounds like. Make sure you click play above.



The Great Inferno - Stone, Blood And Whispers


#StoneBloodandWhispers begins with a haunting and uneasy vocal that is backed by a revered click to create something intriguing in the opening part of the piece. As the track fills out we hear a piece that gives a gloomy experience to the ears of the listener. The vocals are layered in a way that compacts a lot of reverb and harmonies to enhance that feel. The guitar solos break up the track to give the listener something uplifting in between the sadness. I think that #TheGreatInferno have a skill in their artistry here, connecting the disconnected to make a sound that is for everyone.



Anindya Mukherjee – You

Kolkata, India

#You is a gorgeous production that holds beauty in its keys. Acoustic piano leads the way for vocals that tell the tale of love. As the piece enters its second verse we hear the introduction of strings that add to the dream-like story being told here. This is a confessional track, and I can't help but envision the artists' intentions behind the piece. The lyrics are beautifully crafted to let the listener know that he has found someone that he definitely doesn't want to be without. I can imagine this track would make a great addition to a Disney film. Lovely work from #AnindyaMukherjee



Sleep Walking Animals - Freedom Song

Manchester, United Kingdom

#SleepWalkingAnimals provide listeners with a new track that does not hold anything back. #FreedomSong begins with high energy through the use of strong guitar riffs before slowing things down in its verses. The opening verse offers a steady bass drum that carries the vocals. As the track lifts, we hear a lot of skillful country-inspired guitar compositions from acoustic strums, acoustic plucks, and electrifying lead solos. #FreedomSong has so much to offer listeners through its variety of guitar layers, drum progressions, and uplifting drum arrangements. One thing that I really love about this track is the sweeping vocal layers and harmonies. This is a track that incorporates dream pop/dream tock and country tones to create something both meditative and heavy for the listener and damn those closing guitar solos, are faultless. 10/10 for energy here!



Mr Bewlay - Live Laugh Love

Cardiff, United States

#LiveLaughLove by #MrBewlay doesn't beat around the bush. It opens with almost instant vocals, drums, and electric guitar strums leaving nothing for the listener to anticipate. Hearing such a strong opening made me wonder if there was any scope for progression here, but to my amazement #MrBewlay managed to develop the track further! A sprinkle of jazz is found in brass instrumentation to bring something completely new to such a heavy track that worked well in between the heaviness. If you're looking for a heavy rock piece with an experimental vibe then you should definitely check this one out!



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