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Updated: Sep 24, 2022



PAUL MAC INNES - Falling By The Wayside

Gothenburg, Sweden

Paul Mac Innes has instantly gained me as a fan! I totally adore the latest single 'Falling By The Wayside' which holds a Motown vibe, that I think we do not get enough of these days! This tune is delightfully bouncy and upbeat with a sparkling introduction that builds instrumentally as the vocals approach with a wonderfully warm and beautifully textured tone. The drumbeat creates a jolly swing as the bass brightly bounces along. I do get feels of Otis Redding mixed with a little Phil Collins and I love it having truly missed hearing this classic style of music!



MOSES MIKHEYEV - Black Sky, White Moon

Los Angeles, United States

Moses Mikheyev is an Alternative Rock, Pop, and Folk music artist, he is also a novelist and poet which explains his lyrics being ever so endearing! The latest single 'Black Sky, White Moon' is truly like musical poetry with his work being transformed into a soft mellow tune taking you away. The drumbeat builds into a lovely accented drum roll giving the track a light buzz and filling out the rhythm section beautifully as the guitars layer perfectly together melodically harmonising. Close your eyes, listen and look at the 'Black Sky and White Moon' he has created in your mind!



CHASE TREMAINE - Middle of My Words

Nashville, United States

Credit - Bert Ruyten

Chase Tremaine is a Dallas-born, now Nashville-based singer-songwriter and incredibly passionate about his favourite genres which are traditional Pop to Emo – Rock. However, his latest release 'Middle of My Words' does have Pop sensibilities but sounds smooth as soft Indie Rock with a punching drumbeat driving the song with a harmonious bass playing as the guitar riff reverbs adding edge and a spacey synth adding that light-hearted spark. Tremaine's vocals are undeniably stunning and extremely expressive throughout the different tones of the song. I truly admire the inspiration of the loving lyrics that I find are quite insightful and reflective.



MOONROOF - Maybe Crazy

Conshohocken, United States

Credit - Dylan Eddinger

Moonroof create Indie – Pop and has just blessed us with their brand new single 'Maybe Crazy'! Capturing your attention immediately with a bashful bouncy beat that seriously makes you want to get up and dance! The intro guitar riff is bright and enticing as that mellows the riff to become simple and steady while still allowing us to bop along with the bouncy vibe created. The harmonies are gracefully gorgeous and incredibly impactful giving the song a fuller sound as the drumbeat sets the smooth and steady pace that is also upbeat and lively! An absolute bop you will love!




Melbourne, Australia

Karen Harding is a Folk / Pop singer-songwriter who has returned to TJPL News with her latest and gorgeous release 'Drive Away'! Harding's musical style is peaceful yet shares pure passion as she creates relatable human emotions and soul-searching conversations throughout her lyrics and is likened to the sounds of Eva Cassidy, Sarah McLachlan, and Karen Carpenter, with the vocals at the forefront of the song. 'Drive Away' is mellow and melodic as the guitar riff strums ever so nicely creating a floaty sway with a cool, calming charm as we admire Harding's angelic vocals, which are rich and powerful.



THE KID AND I - Free Falling

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Jennifer Glatzhofer

The Kid And I are an Alternative Rock band with influences such as Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire, and Tyler The Creator which we can hear throughout their own unique Rock sound. Their brand new single 'Free Falling' is an absolute banger! The drums set the energetic tone with perfectly placed drum breaks giving the song quite a dynamic range, the drummer's solo is tasteful and brings the song to a nice conclusion leading us into the last chorus. The guitar riffs are quite harsh yet melodic giving us that heavy sound that is so infectious to us Rock music lovers!



LEO NAZZ - It Feels Like

Melbourne, Australia

Leo Nazz is an upcoming Folk – Rock singer-songwriter with the powerful ability to write relatable and connecting songs, using emotive lyric writing and descriptive use of imagery alongside his story-telling. Nazz plays guitar and harmonica expressing themes that bring light to troubling issues we all face. 'It Feels Like' is an upbeat Folk tune that starts softly with a lightly strummed guitar riff before the beat picks up with the drums creating a jolly upbeat pace and not forgetting the harmonica has always been one of my favourite instruments to hear, adding that special sweetness to the song.



COLORFUZZ - At First Sight

Green Brook, United States

Credit - Andrew Caffrey

Colorfuzz is a single-person project that has created a phenomenal piece by recording, mixing, and playing all of the instruments himself! Inspired by the classics such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Four Tops and I do hear a little Bowie influence on the vocals that are divine and distinctive! The latest release 'At First Sight' is like travelling back in time with the sound of classic Rock 'n' Roll brought to modern-day Pop and it is amazing, with a fast pace drumbeat, a beautiful bass as the guitar riffs smoothly, until that extra edge is needed.


SCARLET MILL - You're Mine

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Scarlett Mill is a smouldering and fierce essence infused with a vibrant mix of electric dream-wave, European Americana, and gritty chansons, and their brand new single 'You're Mine' is truly captivating! 'You're Mine' is light-hearted, deep, and daring with dark waves and a gritty chanson, making this track wildly unique and incredibly creative as this duet tells a story. The first half is a female expressing her unconditional love over a perfectly played piano and the second half becomes the dark–wavy part as the male portrays greed and devoid of all love. This is incredibly intriguing with story-telling lyrics!



AINHEEKY - Goalden Skeye

Divinópolis, Brazil

Ainheeky has just released his brand new debut single 'Goalden Skeye' and it is awesome! The track holds traditional Indie – Rock sensibilities with a bright and bashful drumbeat that sets the speedy pace you can't help but bounce to enjoy with Indie charm. The guitar riffs are super catchy with a high happy yet powerful tone making you want to dance, nod, and sing along with the fun and infectious lyrics that you know off by heart before you know it! The vocals are quite gritty giving us that Rock edge with a call back to the 90's Indie singers.



NUMBER 1 - LEO NAZZ - It Feels Like


NUMBER 3 - PAUL MAC INNES - Falling By The Wayside

NUMBER 4 - MOSES MIKHEYEV - Black Sky, White Moon

NUMBER 5 - CHASE TREMAINE - Middle of My Words


NUMBER 7 - MOONROOF - Maybe Crazy

NUMBER 8 - THE KID AND I - Free Falling

NUMBER 9 - COLORFUZZ - At First Sight

NUMBER 10 - AINHEEKY - Goalden Skeye



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