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ADAM RAGSDALE takes us around the Moon, Part One



Moon, Part One

Oklahoma City, United States

Credit - Lainey Conant

Adam Ragsdale has recently gifted us with his brand-new album release ‘Moon, Part One’. This album consists of 11 tracks which are the first half of a 20-track album combining the cinematic elements reminiscent of space films, thus creating a very atmospheric sound. The tracks include themes of romantic compositions and real emotions which helps illustrate the differences between dreaming, reality, space, and earth as well as looking at some of their similarities too. A primary melody is used in different keys, instruments, and subtleties but several motifs are throughout the tracks. This album has a Zen-like quality that I find comforting to the soul as it also quiets the mind allowing you to breathe, focus and relax.

The opening track ‘10’ is short, sweet, and starry this sets the tone for the euphoric album, with the use of a mumbled space radio adding a lost effect. I truly adore the placement of songs throughout this album, with each song fading out and the next fading, creating a seamless experience. ‘Flora’s Letter’ flows superbly after the starting track continuing with the atmospheric sound that is paired perfectly with the dreamy vocals.‘Dreamworks’ is the third track on the album, I admire this placement as it brings the beat up a little whilst still holding the spacey elements making this tune really stand out. I sense some Coldplay vibes from ‘Dreamworks’ giving it a familiar sound to us listeners.‘Hollywood Lovers’ is a great example of less is more, simplistic yet absolutely perfect! The drumbeat sets the infectious stomping beat that you will find yourself tapping along to, the vocals are heavenly! This tune really shows off the vocal ranges, making it super exciting! The following track is ‘A Trip to Paris’ an ever so-beautiful storytelling song. This track may be short and sweet, but it is incredibly descriptive within the lyrics making it quite picturesque for us listeners. This track really is a movie within a song! I absolutely love this next title ‘To the painter, from the poet’ it’s simple, unusual, and incredibly intriguing. This song expresses a deeply heartfelt story, that feels extremely personal to the artist making this a song we can really connect with. I truly adore the wave of vocals throughout this track emphasising the euphoric space atmosphere.‘Is this planetarium real or am I dreaming?’ is a phenomenal instrumental track! This is definitely one to close your eyes to and fade away with absorbing the soft, soothing, sweet sound that is fantastically created. The raw emotion and loving passion you feel throughout this instrumental are truly extraordinary. ‘Mine!’ starts smooth before bringing back the beat infusing the Pop sound using a walking drumbeat, light noted keys alongside catchy lyrics sung with a soft yet high vocal range adding sweetness to the song. ‘Murphy’s Law’ is a sorrowful tune that truly creates a sad story expressing deep emotions allowing us listeners to connect with the song intimately. ‘Rage, Rage’ is the penultimate track of the album infused with dreamy sounds and space subtleties thus creating a very cinematic sound. The extra feature I adore on this track is the ending, using the sounds of a cracking thunderstorm which continues into the start of the finale song ‘Blind eyes could blaze like meteors’. The last track is totally euphoric with angelic vocals and increasing the dynamic with the crash of symbols making this an immensely powerful outro.

This truly is a cinematic listen that transports you to another universe travelling through time and floating in the starry void of space.


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