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AJAY MATHUR impressed Tamara Jenna with his latest album #TalkingLoud



AJAY MATHUR - Talking Loud

Lucerne, Switzerland





#AJAYMATHUR is back with his fifth full-length album entitled #TALKINGLOUD. This project consists of 15 tracks that take the listener through the experimental nature of the artist in a mix of Americana, Rock and Rhythm and Blues influenced productions. The album opens with a song named #SoonerorLater an upbeat track with a soft rock and roll vibe. The vocals are great here! The vocal execution is balanced between Americana and Soft Rock. This is a real feel-good piece and works perfectly to open the album. #Real continues the relaxing yet upbeat vibe by offering the listener a multitude of rhythmic Americana-inspired guitar plucks, soft rock strums, and the occasional electric guitar riffs. #Don'tWantthePhonetoRing is a relaxing track packed with slow drum compositions, simple guitar, and a subtle bassline. When combined with the vocal layers this track creates an uplifting track that makes for easy listening - This is an essential piece for soft rock lovers. #Ain'tGoingNowhere brings a bit of Funk and Rhythm and Blues to the album through funky basslines and contagious electric guitar. This works really well to add a bit of sass to the album! #TalkingLoud continues this theme and will definitely get you bopping! The bassline caught my attention here along with the backing harmonies. Great track! #AnytimeatAll offers something completely different from #AjayMathur in the form of an acoustic stripped-down piece. The track is carried by the classical sound of acoustic piano along with a simplistic vocal performance. This piece is stunning. The lyrics are heartwarming and the whole production is gorgeously executed. By far my favorite piece on this album this side of the production. #StoptheShame takes listeners back into the realm of Americana and Soft Rock before moving into #INeedYouNow. This piece gives a sprinkle of spice and easy listening packed with intricate guitar and a mix of Americana and South Asian twangs - I love this fusion! #DeeperThanYourSkin is another gorgeous piece that brings you into the world of the artist. #CommonMistake will take you back into a funky soulful production that embodies flavor and soul before presenting you with the foot-tapping piece known as #Stuckon75. This country track will get you moving whether or not country music is your thing! #Comedian begins with distortion before introducing moving classical strings! This is a great contrasting piece that is extremely sultry and different. I love the vocal layers here! #ReasonstoCry combines emotive guitar with Spanish guitar compositions to provide the listener with a darker piece that will move any listener! #AnytimeatAll (Aftermath of Silence) is another darker piece - The vocals here have a similar tone to R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe. I love the way that this track offers something dark and gloomy but holds a message of hope to its listeners. Concluding the album is a track entitled #TalkingLoud (Remix) and wow just wow. This is a dance track that EVERYONE will love! #AJAYMATHUR has created a masterpiece here - this project is flawless and has something for EVERYONE!


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