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Nashville, TN, United States

Credit - Sarah Schade

Katie Pederson is an international award-winning songwriter and Pop piano songstress based in Nashville. Pederson released her latest album 'Limitless' on Earth Day in the spring of 2022, which is expressed in the album art that is truly gorgeous, bright, and natural thus setting the tone for the album and what an ever so charming album it is. Lightly kicking off with 'Guard Down' a great introduction for the songs ahead, instantly capturing your attention with a Country Pop vibe! The song starts simple with a piano and Pederson's soft and confident vocals with lyrics that are passionate and relatable, the track gradually builds an upbeat tempo that turns to a lo-fi effect for the verses, allowing her vocals to be forefront in this empowering song! 'Shrapnel' follows next with a sweet-sounding piano melody as her vocals gracefully approach. This song swings nicely with a simple yet effective drumbeat as the bass compliments the piano with root notes giving the song a deep, rich tone. The story-telling lyrics are incredibly descriptive allowing us listeners to truly connect to the song as we admire the incredible vocal register throughout this beautiful tune. 'Lake Louise' starts with an exquisite piano melody that fades lightly as her vocals approach with lyrics that are as pretty as a picture. This song is soft and elegant with an underline use of synth that is quite playful complementing the piano nicely. 'Home' is a true Country track with beautiful and heart-warming lyrics that you find yourself singing along to. The piano is mellow and smooth thus creating a sway with the melody, as the song builds up for the chorus that includes a slide guitar giving the song that extra power. Bringing the Pop vibe back to 'One Before The One' brings in a simply sweet vocal hook before continuing into a super catchy break-up song. The lyrics are quite sad yet passionate and story-telling with smooth and graceful verses and a dramatic and upbeat chorus. The piano adds the beautiful underlying tone as the drums set the pace whilst the guitar riff adds that extra edge. 'M-22' brings us the mellow, sweet-sounding atmosphere with bright piano notes and soft guitar riffs making this song sombre and warm yet heart-breaking and gentle. I adore the lyrics throughout this song, subdued yet descriptive giving us an intimate story to follow. 'How Long' is a Pop / Country vibe that mixes the album up a little with a steady upbeat tone and cool and contagious lyrics as the vocals are soft but powerful. The piano is graceful and the drumbeat is brilliant, bright, and bold giving the song a sense of depth. 'Gravity' is extremely beautiful! This is definitely my favourite track of the album; this song truly touched my heart as it is full of love and kindness while being sweet and innocent. Pederson's vocals are pure and ever so angelic with lyrics that are captivating, loving, and truly heart-warming. The melody is soft and soothing allowing you to float away with its gentleness. The penultimate song 'Down' is absolutely gorgeous, with lyrics that sound as if they were taken from a journal piece, sweet, creative, and story-telling. The piano starts the song with a bright and whimsical tone as Pederson sings ever so sweetly, the drums are driving the pace of the song with a soft bounce making this quite happy, joyful, and upbeat. 'Limitless' is the album title as well as the ending track leaving us with a slow melodic tune that consists of a light and simple piano and Pederson's gracious vocals. This song is truly detailed, deeply passionate, and incredibly intimate with the lyrics creating a sense of inspiration. I get a sense of Taylor Swift infused with The Corrs and I love it, an ever so lovely listen that holds a calming aura. 'Limitless' is sincere and immensely beautiful throughout its entirety!



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