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Wallasey, United Kingdom

Credit - Will T

Alt-rock and indie-rock share a bed. We all know it, but we would never tell them to stop. If we did, we wouldn’t be blessed with tracks like ‘Jessica’ from the Aleutians. It's a slow-falling rock song, with cascading riffs that play like raindrops racing down a window pane. The beat is steady and soft like rolling thunder in the distance as the vocals speak the song to you, close and carefully. It's strange how the single can feel so loud and so quiet at the same time, a dynamic impossibility that makes ‘Jessica’ such a wonderful song to get lost in.

The Aleutians are named after a chain of volcanic islands. I can’t think of a name that suits their sound better. It's new, creative and reactive, coming at you red hot and full of energy. But it can also roll slowly toward you, emitting heat that warms your core and calms you like a friend. ‘Jessica’ deserves all of your attention and more. Emotionally eruptive.



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