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Room With A View

Stockholm, Sweden

Credit - Michell Ellipsis

Drums, bass, guitar and melodic synth. Match these to a winding story of a melody and dark, eerie textures, and you will arrive at the unique sound presented by Alex Zethson on their latest single, ‘Room With A View’. The tones and atmosphere that this song creates are astounding. The ingredients are simple: one bass, set low in register, walking the line interrupted by cracks in the midnight pavement; an acoustic guitar, strummed in time, swaying to the night owls as they hoot, watching the horizon for the sun; drums clashing and splashing, cracking constant beats for the instruments to rise and fall to, the clock of the world and finally; a melody, in this case, played on a synth that breathes, it warbles and climbs to its highest points, it is no easy feat to remain so bright in this, the thickest of glooms.

They are 4 but what they create together is so much more. It is an emotion, an atmosphere, a presence. You follow the melody, as does the backing in due course. It brings you to the top of a mountain to survey the bleak and hostile world that it hoisted you out of. When it leaves, back you plunge.

Alex Zethson has delivered a world in a song. Dystopian and intelligent, ‘Room With A View’ will look and feel different to everyone who listens to it. - FREDDIE MCKEE

Take a seat, paint your own picture and come back to reality. A single that will line the walls of your psyche for days and days.


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