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Alexia Vegas' Latest Release 'Your Love Is Like a Slow Disease' Will Crush You with Emotion

The latest release from Alexia Vegas, ‘Your Love Is Like a Slow Disease,’ is a pop track that dips its toes into the cinematic for punch, into the romantic for texture. The lyrics roll from the soul. You can feel their catharsis, the breath of fresh air that followed their release, it’s refreshing. The beat hits you hard, the pop sitting in the back, waiting for the chorus to strike so it can punch into the stratosphere. That’s when the vocal decides to punch it too. The volume rockets, the presence is unavoidable. The light hits you from every angle and the space is lost to the noise.

The wonder of Alexia Vegas is the scale that surrounds her music. The songs are massive, they rise and fall to great effect. They build you up, and then not only knock you down but crush you with emotion and brilliant performances. ‘Your Love Is Like a Slow Disease’ is powerful, honest, and full of wonderful melodies that will have you humming it for days. A hard-hitting performance from an artist with their sights set on the stars.



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