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All the reasons why you should listen to #TABOR #Games




New York City, United States




New York-based pop artist #TABOR released his debut album entitled #Games last year. These pop pieces provide an easy listening experience in the form of 12 unique tracks that address the concept of game playing in relationships and the feelings associated with the journey towards growth. The album opens with #FeelsLikeSummer - a piece that sets the tone for the album very nicely. The beat is carried by a steady drum kick, deep bass, and melodic synths - the hook is super catchy - I love the vocal layers here! There's a feeling of Ed Sheeran in the lyrics and vocal style in places. A great opening track! #Games is another track that does not disappoint! The basic opening allows for the vocals to shine through and make the perfect space for the hook to completely lift the track. #TABOR is definitely an artist on my watch list! #Tide has a lovely reverbed feel to it - The vocals almost sound like Liam Payne here - One of my guilty pleasures. This artist is incredibly talented - This album was produced in his bedroom - I mean, so far this is a high-quality world-ready album - Flawless, Faultless, Gorgeous. #GoodMan has a lovely acoustic guitar and acoustic piano production along with folk-style storytelling - This is 100% a track for Old School Ed Sheeran lovers. #GirlFromLondon opens with all the makings of a great song. The vocal execution is highly contagious as are the drums and guitar strums in the hook. #NoLove is a gorgeous song that opens with high energy from the very start. The lyrics will definitely be a hit with the girls! #NewYork'sNotHome has a gorgeous chilled-out feel about it - it's one for those beach walks and dreamy days. #Magnolia has an old-school pop feel about it that lays within the acoustic piano composition. The use of subtle strings enhances the emotion of the acoustic piano and the vocal layers. This is such a powerful track that offers something new to the album - I really like the contrast. #BadWithYou is a song that will get you singing along soulfully (probably not as well as the artist but we move!) This is a catchy laid back track that you can't help but love! #Stella is a whole vibe! This track had me singing along straight away - this track has a feel of tropical house about it without being overly rooted in house music - it still remains within the realm of pop. I love the brass instrumentation that has been used between the hook and the verses. #AmericanDream opens with nothing but vocal layers that will captivate the listener straight away. The drums carry the vibe of the piece along with the vocals. Love it! The album concludes with the track #SadSongs. Here the artist sings deep lyrics over an emotive acoustic grand piano - I really like the way that this track closes the album. The lyrics are stunning. #TABOR has a bright future ahead of him for certain. His lyrical style, his vocals, and the production elements are nothing less than flawless. I feel like I've discovered an Ed Sheeran here but BETTER. I highly recommend that you have a listen to this album! You won't only listen once, I know I'll have it on many times.



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