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Allegra Teams Up with Legendary Tiësto for 'Round & Round' Remix: A Pulsating Pop Club Fusion

London-based pop sensation Allegra has firmly marked her place in the UK music scene, and her latest release is nothing short of extraordinary. Collaborating with legendary DJ/producer Tiësto, she has dropped a red-hot remix of her hit single 'Round & Round,' released by Radikal Records.

Critical acclaim has been widespread. Wonderland praises Allegra for taking "us to the main room of the club with her soaring vocals and bass-heavy production." Euphoria commends this "British rising pop artist" for her maturity since her debut, and OK! Magazine acknowledges her impactful waves in the pop scene.

"Allegra's collaboration with the iconic Tiësto in 'Round & Round' Remix transcends musical boundaries, merging pop's infectious charm with the pulsating beats of the club scene. This release isn't just a song; it's a symphony of innovation and passion, reflecting a partnership that's destined to leave an indelible mark on the global music landscape."

Tiësto's remix of 'Round & Round' is a game-changer, combining his signature sound and Allegra's vibrant pop flair. Straddling the worlds of Club and Pop music, this remix has not only been embraced by big-room DJs but has also found love on daytime radio playlists. The accompanying dance-based music video perfectly highlights Tiësto's masterful work, providing an exquisite visual treat.

Allegra, already known for collaborations with big names like Tobtok, Full Intention, Majestic, and R3HAB, has reached new heights with Tiësto. Her track record of chart-topping singles, millions of streams, and features on platforms like BBC TV makes this remix a crucial addition to her impressive repertoire.

Since its release, 'Round & Round' (Tiësto Remix) has ignited dance floors and captured hearts, solidifying Allegra's status as one of the hottest mainstream pop stars to emerge from the UK in recent years. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to her infectious sound, this track is a must-listen, reflecting a remarkable blend of creativity and talent. Experience the magic of 'Round & Round,' a tune destined to be on repeat in your playlist!



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