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Amanda Holley's 'Fav Flavor' blends R&B with funk in a modern-day classic

‘Fav Flavor’ from Amanda Holley takes R&B and dips it in funk. There’s a groove to the track that lies in the wake of it all. As the beat hustles overheat, followed by the thick bass that’s a cut above — there is this swing, something to make you stop and listen. A little something else…

But let’s be real; a little something else doesn’t make a song — for that we have Amanda Holley’s stellar Vox to thank. The melody careens from them as it was born to. It hits highs as the beat drops, dips low when the crash rises. The whole track you are moving with the vocal, flying through synth and bass. The chorus stops everything in its tracks, and for a blissful moment, everything moves together. The beat slides into empty spaces, the bass rolls up its sleeves and works the synth into beautiful harmonies as the vocal kicks it up a gear and pelts us home.

Amanda Holley has connected with the foundation of R&B to deliver ‘Fav Flavor,’ a modern-day classic.



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