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Punk Rocker

San Jose, United States

When you want rock, sometimes you just want rock. Yano? Though it can be hard to find a good, honest rock band that plays from the soul and shouts to the high heavens. Today, however, you’re in luck because American Standard are one such rock band, and their single, ‘Punk Rocker,’ is one hell of a rock song. It has everything you could ever need. A smashing riff that grows with layers and bass, a drum section that scales with impact, a chorus that will hook you like you’re an ocean tuna and a vocal that pelts through the track as hard and fast as it damn well pleases. To top it all off, every instrument is played like this is its last song on earth. It's fantastic.

Finding a band like American Standard does not happen very often. They are diamonds in the rough. So, latch on, listen in, and consume every morsel of heavenly rock that they create. If ‘Punk Rocker’ is the appetiser, I can’t wait for the main.



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