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A Larkin

London, United Kingdom

Anto Dust is an ever-so-beautiful poet and expresses her lyrical talent through an interesting style of Dream Pop with calm, clean and clear tones and an essence of Indie–Pop influences. Anto Dust crafts beautiful lyrics with heavenly vocals that are confidently at the forefront of her mesmerising musical masterpieces. ‘A Larkin’ is the latest release from this angelic artist and it truly is magical! There is a sweet hint of psychedelia that is truly heart-warming and creates a delightfully divine distraction thus allowing you to fade into the sweet musical aura with a soft and warm embrace. The song starts with a light airy tone that gently approaches alongside a beautifully strummed acoustic guitar that is sweet and subtle, as the piano plays passionately yet impactful thus creating a rich and light-hearted tone, however, allowing the vocals to be the main focus of the song. The vocals are incredible; sweet, soft, serene and whispery yet extremely impressive with vocal ranges that are exquisitely elegant, powerfully creating an innocent angelic tone with poetic lyrics that are graciously captivating. This creative excellence leaves you wanting more, making you put this on repeat and embrace the calm comforting tune all over again.


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