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Antonella Vizzini Offers An 'Italian Romance' in her latest cover album



Antonella Vizzini

Toronto, Canada

Credit - Antonella Vizzini




Antonella Vizzini has created an album that features a collection of classic Italian songs with modern interpretation. The songs used were "carefully curated "and selected by Vizzini and touch upon the emotions that have shaped her artistry as well as the inclusion of songs that have shaped her roots, her family, and her heritage.





#EPensoate is stunning opener to the project. Acoustic piano and jazz brass compositions build the piece up nicely before the vocals. As the vocals make their way in we hear what Antonella Vizzini is about! What is that you may wonder? It's a classical sound mixed with a modern feel with a powerhouse of vocals. What stands out about this piece is that there are so many genre influences here. From rock to Jazz and even elements of Opera this piece is extremely interesting and works well! A great opener.

#L'Appuntamento has such a beautiful tone. The artist includes harmonies from both herself and a male vocalist in certain parts of the piece. This piece has an extremely romantic feel about it. For those of you who are not familiar with Italian music, this song samples the same guitar pieces as #somethingstupid by #RobbieWilliams and #NicoleKidman. I really enjoyed this adaptation by #AntonellaVizzini of #L'Appuntamento.

#I'TeVurriaVasa is is another laid back version of an Italian classic. I can envision this artist in musical theatre blowing away the audience. This artist has one of those golden buzzer talents that is undeniable. It is impossible not to like the art that she creates.

#TuSiNaCosaGrande ... well what can I say. It's saucy, full of powerful feminine energy and full of crescendos in a full big band experience. The opening offers something very advertisement worthy. I can imagine that this track would fit great in a dramatic romantic movie set in the Mediterranean. Perfect.

#ParoleParoleParole offers something new to the project with the inclusion of hip-hop drum progressions and soulful guitar solos. Again the brass instrumentation brings something funky and jazz inspired - a signature move of this artist. I love the way that the electric guitar solos play with the brass solos it's great! I think this is my favorite track of the album.

#DicitincelloVuje takes a step into rock. The transition between these two pieces is eased by the inclusion of those classic brass solos. This transition sounds like it should not work on paper but it works in the ears of the listener! The track works well to connect each pocket of space whether that be full of electric guitar solos or slow keys and drums.

#DicitincelloVujeacousticversion oh my. This was a bold but extremely clever move by #AntonellaVizzini. Placing the main version next to the acoustic version in a project is risky. It runs the risk of losing the listeners attention but in this case it enticed me more. This is a gorgeous rendition.

I think that this whole album is a piece of genius. It takes tales already told and makes them fresh without losing their original power and in some cases enhances the power behind the tracks. This artist is a star! Definitely keeping an eye out for future releases.



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