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Antony Alexander's "IT'S ALWAYS BEEN YOU" Unleashes an Addictive Blend of House and Pop

Sometimes you need a song to fill you up with rhythm and massive beats as the melody riles you up and gets you moving. That’s exactly what Antony Alexander achieves with his single, ‘IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU,’ an electric dance track that blends the ideals of house and modern pop to create a song that I may never get out of my head.

The beat is full, powerful, you feel it in your chest and you begin to buzz with its energy. The melody stabs out from the dark like bright lights, scanning over a growing crowd, amping them up. It’s catchy and soon you’re into it, waiting for the drop. First, vocals. They add some humanity, bring it away from the pure house and kick it further towards pop. But the drop brings it back to the middle. It’s loud, incredibly well produced and creates a sound that you will never be able to back away from. Antony Alexander has bottled great vibes and distilled them into sound with, ‘IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU.’



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