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Artem Tenkeli and Dina Layzis' 'Silhouettes' Shines with Masterful Collaboration

With Artem Tenkeli on piano and Dina Layzis on vocals, you know you are in for something massive. And I was not disappointed when ‘Silhouettes’ began to play. This, the latest single from these two classical visionaries, is an achievement of contemporary composition and collaboration. The lines of melody that ooze from the keys are golden and rich. They are taken up by the vocal and used to produce a stellar melody that will hook itself into your mind and stay there for years. The power is what really sends the song home. It begins in the piano, in the bowls of the strings. They rise, the sound pours out, it enters the vocal and is supercharged. When the chorus arrives and both minds give it their all, it is true musical magic.

‘Silhouettes’ is a song that deserves your attention. The meticulous playing and masterful performances from both Dina Layzis and Artem Tenkeli will shoot this track onto your favourites list in no time flat. Golden.



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