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Artmade Ignites Indie Scene with 'Close to Shame': A Bold, Power-packed 90s Inspired Rock Single

Artmade’s latest single, ‘Close to Shame,’ brings back the pace and energy of the 00s through thick set guitar tones, a punchy bass line and all of the power any rock band could ever hope for. The beat hits you first and it hits you hard. The splendid light, the flashes of tone. It matches the rhythm of your heart and you are sucked into the fold. Once the melody catches fire after being struck by the steel guitar, the song shows its true colours. Passionate rock blares from the core of a spiralling mandala of sound. It’s hypnotic, punchy, and thrilling to get lost in the void.

It’s indie music with an edge. ‘Close to Shame’ feels like rock gold, it’s spawned from the same stuff as the 90s greats — it just so happens to have bled into the now. The vocals hold their own, which is not an easy thing to do when you’re playing with this much volume. They have character, the ability to gain in the chorus and lay off in the verse, and they suit the music down to a T. Artmade have smashed it again, ‘Close to Shame’ is as strong as they come and has the style to match. A smart, bold, and worthy rock single.



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