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AS SEEN ABOVE - Rose Tinted

"As Seen Above" makes a striking debut with their single "Rose Tinted." The track intertwines warm guitar tones and captivating tenor vocals, crafting a memorable and unique lead melody. Its rhythm section pushes the song forward, bestowing it with an uplifting spirit that beautifully contrasts the seriousness of the lyrics.

The juxtaposition of the buoyant musicality and thought-provoking lyrics makes for a unique listening experience. It's this balance that sets "Rose Tinted" apart, showcasing As Seen Above's ability to straddle emotional complexity while keeping listeners hooked with an earworm melody.

Indeed, "Rose Tinted" is a compelling introduction to As Seen Above's musical prowess. The band's ability to conjure emotions, inspire reflection, and create an engaging auditory experience is truly remarkable. If this debut is any indication, we can expect a bright and exciting future from As Seen Above. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind track; give "Rose Tinted" a listen.



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