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Atari Pilot Takes Flight with Invigorating Indie Rock Single '4X / 22' –An Anthem for Embracing Life

Atari Pilot’s new single, “4X / 22,” is an energetic indie rock anthem that invites listeners to embrace their age and the wisdom that comes with it. The track features an infectious rhythm and powerful lyrics, encouraging everyone to become the hero of their own life story.

Following the anthemic "Train Of Life" and the reflective "I Took a Photo", Atari Pilot once again delivers a message of life-affirmation and introspection. The band, comprising Onze on vocals, Paj on bass, Andy on drums, and Frosty on guitar, display their musical prowess and knack for catchy, sing-along melodies.

The lyrics beautifully illustrate the concept of maturity, asserting that age is not about where you’ve been, but where you’re going. In a society obsessed with youth, Atari Pilot uses “4X / 22” to encourage their audience to embrace the journey of life, emphasizing that there's a sense of peace when things align.

Atari Pilot has a unique sound, blending classic and modern influences into their indie rock tunes. The band's ability to narrate human experiences akin to Springsteen, combined with the driving rhythms reminiscent of Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories' era, results in a sound that is distinctly their own. Frosty aptly describes it as "anthemic indie rock - songs that you can move to, but also songs that can move you."

With “4X / 22” now available on all major streaming platforms, Atari Pilot's new single is poised to resonate with those looking for music that both entertains and provokes thought.



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